Are you moving to Jersey City but you don’t have too much time to organize everything? Don’t worry, you are not the first person who is moving on short notice. Sometimes moving comes unexpectedly. There is a solution to this situation too. Last-minute move in Jersey City may be hard, but it is not impossible to accomplish, especially not when you have a guide to follow.

Tips for last-minute move in Jersey City, NJ

When having New Jersey moving guide there is no need to be upset and to panic when moving. No matter are you moving for 3 days or 3 months. Here are some tips that will help you move in no time.

Looking at a clock to organize a last-minute move in Jersey City.

Organize a last-minute move in Jersey City like a pro and handle a move with ease.

Create a moving checklist

Making a checklist sounds like a waste of time – but trust us, it is not. When moving to a new home in Jersey City on short notice, you might forget to pack or do some of the most important items. Spend a little time organizing tasks in your head first and then start working. A good organization is half of the job.

Get rid of items you don’t need

Packing will take you most of the time when moving. And time is the thing you don’t have right now. So, first of all, get rid of items you don’t want to move. For example, if you didn’t use that item last year, you probably won’t ever again. Toss it. Selling is probably won’t an option because it requires time. So, donate or throw items away. If you need to move a business easy and fast gather your team and organize items together.

Hire a last-minute moving company

You won’t be able to transport your items to Jersey City by yourself. Not only because you don’t have enough time, but also keep in mind that the traffic is terrible there. And if you are not an experienced driver, it could be very dangerous. Luckily, there are moving companies you can hire in the last-minute such as Another good thing is that you will probably get a better deal when booking last-minute.

Use what you have as a packing material

Looking for moving boxes, air bubble foil, moving blankets, etc takes time. So,  be creative and use items you already have in your house, such as a newspaper for wrapping, garbage bags for packing clothes and other soft materials, shoe boxes for packing items, etc. Ask your friends and neighbors for moving boxes, maybe they have a few.

Pack fast – don’t think a lot

To have a perfect last-minute move in Jersey City, don’t lose too much time on packing. Follow these tips:

  • Pack now and leave sorting for after the move when you will have more time.
  • Use socks and towels to wrap fragile items if you don’t have an air bubble foil.
  • Pack clothes as they are and don’t lose too much time by separating them.
  • Set up boxes as you need them to keep your space clean and organized during packing and moving.
Don't panic logo.

Don’t panic, you will finish everything right on time.

Pack an essential moving bag

An essential moving box is a box you will need on a moving day and a few days after moving to Jersey City. Pack items you are using every day such as toiletries, food, water, toys for kids, towels, clothing for a couple of days, snacks, scissors, linens. If you have kids and/or pets pack their items too.

Ask friends for help

You won’t be able to finish fast by yourself everything, so ask a couple of friends to help you pack and move to Jersey City. But, pianos are delicate and require professional movers so for those items hire professionals and don’t risk. They have the proper equipment and trainer workers.

Things to know about Jersey City before moving there

There are many different reasons to move to NJ, but before moving there, you should know what to expect. This way, you will adjust faster after moving and you won’t be scared. Jersey City is a big city in NJ and it has a lot to offer. Here are some things to know about before relocating there:

  •  The public art scene is great and rich. the Jersey City Mural Arts program has installed many different murals all around the city.
  • Jersey City is one of the most diverse cities in the USA. About 53% of residents speak a language other than English at home with family. 
  • It is close to Manhattan but cheaper and it is well-connected by the PATH, but it is not NYC. The vibe is different, people are different, housing is more affordable, etc.
  • Every neighborhood od Jersey City is different and unique, so choose wisely where you will move.
  • It is not a place for having a car. The traffic is crazy all the time.
  • If you are moving from NYC, your friends from NYC won’t be visiting you a lot.
  • When having a last-minute move in Jersey City, after relocation you will see that there are a lot of newcomers and you won’t be the only one.
  • North Jersey has amazing and delicious food.
  • It is a city good for families with kids.
A view of Jersey City.

Jersey City is a big city in NJ and you will need time to explore it, but do a little research before moving

When organizing a last-minute move in Jersey City it does not mean you should not explore the place you are moving to. Research, google it, listen to other people’s experiences, etc. The key is not to panic no matter where you are moving from. Now when you have a guide to follow and some tips to help you move, start with preparing and organizing relocation right now! Good luck!


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