Winter clothes are bulky and heavy. This chore is something nobody likes to do. It’s a task that we all postpone as the nice weather arrives. And it’s not good. Winter clothes can take up a lot of your closet space. This just gives the illusion of a messy closet. Plus having to look at winter clothes the whole summer is like a constant reminder that winter is coming. That is why we are here to motivate you and tell you how to prepare winter clothes for storage so you don’t have to constantly be reminded about the cold weather.

Preparing winter footwear for storage

Let’s start with footwear as it is the easiest to pack. The first thing you have to do is see whether it’s time to get some new winter boots. If your current ones look old and worn out, treat yourself to a new pair. But if you already did that this winter, the only thing you have to do is thoroughly clean them. They might seem clean but the build up from salt will ruin your new boots in no time. So don’t be lazy. Take a wet rag and clean your whole boots. Add some lavender inside to keep the bugs and the unpleasant smells away so when winter arrives you are immediately prepared.

winter boots because it is important to know hoe to prepare winter clothes for storage

Clean your boots so they are ready to wear as soon as the first snow falls.

 Winter accessories

By winter accessories we mean hats, gloves, scarfs. Wash them. You want them clean for the next winter. They will dry quicker in the nice weather. Match them and pack them all together in one bag or box so you can easily find them when it’s time to bring them out again where you can see them. If there is a glove missing, don’t be afraid to throw the other one out. Why keep it if you won’t wear it? The only reason to keep one glove is if you will be moving during winter so you can help your favorite movers at and not ruin your favorite pair of gloves.

Prepare your sweaters

Sweaters are bulky and heavy and they are not easy to fold. So once you’ve washed them and dried them, it is time to pack them up. You can’t just leave them out on a shelf in your basement as the bugs will ruin them. Firstly see if there are any sweaters that you can get rid of. Not necessarily throw them away. You can always donate. Once you’ve separated what you want and don’t want to keep, fold them nicely and start packing them. The best thing you can buy to store and prepare winter clothes for storage are vacuum bags. These are big plastic bags that you can reuse if you know how to take care of things. You can buy these online. These bags aren’t expensive at all yet they will save you so much space. Simply place your sweaters, close the bag and take out your vacuum cleaner to take out the air. It shrinks them so it’s much easier to store them and carry them around. The bag also keeps them fresh and safe from bugs. These bags are good for moving too. Also, they will save your clothes from floods and other disasters.

a sweater

Keep your sweaters safe and fresh for next winter.

If you don’t feel like purchasing the vacuum bags, pack your sweaters in regular bags and close them up nicely. An extra safety step is to go over the bag with a layer of tape.

To take care of your coats and jackets you need to know how to prepare winter clothes for storage

The hardest thing to pack when we are talking about winter clothing is coats and jackets. They are big and you can’t fit them anywhere if you don’t pack them well. To prepare jackets and coats for storing, you might want to take them to the dry-cleaner’s. This is the best way to thoroughly clean them as they are usually the dirtiest. If your jackets are worn out and old, replace them. New winter clothing that is much better than the previous one is never a bad idea. Plus, springtime is when you can find winter clothing on sale so why not use the opportunity?

Store your coats and jackets either in a vacuum bag like sweaters or on hangers so they don’t wrinkle and get ruined. Plus, if you know you will be moving and hiring assistance in case you are moving long distance, it will be much easier to move these clothes this way. Always check your pockets before you store your coats and jackets away, you never know what you can find.

a coat with a button in the center of the image

Washing your coats and your jackets is a good way to prepare for the following winter.

Remember to keep your clothes safe by putting some lavender next to where you stored them.

Where to store them once you learn how to prepare winter clothes for storage?

If you have some space on the bottom or at the top of your closet, use it. It will be much easier to unpack once winter arrives. But if you don’t, the attic or the basement are always full of space where you could put these clothes. If you happen to live in an apartment, renting storage is not a bad idea if you don’t have any space where you could put these clothes. Renting storage seems expensive but it’s always better to give some money and have a mess-free home. Remember that you have to prepare your storage unit for winter. If you are not ready for this expense, make sure you find where you can store this clothing.

Having a storage unit doesn’t mean you can skip the decluttering part. It is very important to declutter your storage unit at regular intervals. And, with this tip, we have come to the end of providing advice on how to prepare winter clothes for storage. Hopefully, we motivated you to remove them from your closet and enjoy the nice weather.


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