Having storage is a very useful thing. Especially if you are moving and do not have a place to put your things yet or if you just have too much stuff and no place to put it. Luckily, there are so many storage facilities on every corner so finding one is not the problem. However, knowing how to prepare things for storage might be a problem for some people. But do not worry. We have some tips and tricks that will help you out. So without further ado, here is some advice that will help you prepare your things for storage and show you why should you rent storage. 

Know All the Storage Restrictions

Each storage facility has its own laws, rules, and restrictions. So, before signing the papers, make sure to talk with the owner about what is allowed and what is permitted. That will save you from a lot of troubles later on. Usually, the following things are a big no-no: 

  • gasoline
  • fertilizers
  • paint 
  • chemicals
  • explosives
  • fireworks
  • narcotics
  • plants
  • food

Decide What Will You Put in Storage

Letting go of things is always hard. And putting all your belongings in storage sounds very tempting. However, bear in mind that the more stuff you have the bigger the storage unit you will need. And bigger storages cost more money. So do not get oversentimental. Decide what is worth keeping and what will you leave behind. Save only the things that are valuable, irreplaceable, or have sentimental value. Everything else can be donated, given away, or sold. After you have decided what will you keep, it is time to prepare your things for storage.

a pile of boxes - prepare your things for storage

In order to prepare your things for storage, you must be very organized.

Clean and Vacuum Everything

When you start to prepare your things for storage, you must make sure that all the things are cleaned and vacuumed. So, wipe all the appliances, plastic, wooden and metal things. make sure there is no dust on them. Then, vacuum any pieces of furniture that have some sort of fabric on them. If you do not prepare your things for storage in a proper way, a lot of things might happen to them. Humidity can make the wood to mold, or metal to rust; some of your important paperwork could be destroyed completely, and the rodents can basically eat everything. So, be smart when thinking about how to prepare things for storage.

Pack It Properly

The best way to prepare your things for storage is to pack them in proper boxes. You can use either cardboard or plastic boxes. Cardboard boxes are cheaper and a good solution for short-term keeping. But plastic bins and boxes are more resilient to humidity, heat, and things trying to get in. Also, do not forget to label everything! After you are done, make sure to put heavy pieces on the bottom, and make piles from there. In the end, try to make room for a small path inside the storage. Getting things will be much easier that way. ANd, al that is left is to take your things to storage before moving. 

a pile of boxes

Make sure to place items in your storage strategically.


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