Setting up a home office in a tiny apartment isn’t always easy. But, with a little planning, creativity, and hard work, you can turn a small space in your home into a workable home office. Here are some tips on how to set up a home office in a tiny apartment. 

Assess surroundings and separate yourself

If you aren’t able to decide where to set up your home office, take a look around. Find the quietest place in the home, somewhere you think you can accomplish work tasks. If you live in a studio apartment with an open floor plan, consider putting up a room partition.

Then, to secure essential productivity, set boundaries, both physically and mentally with your family. So, set up the home office in a place that is separate from family members. 

Home Office Decor Creative - How to set up a home office in a tiny apartment

How to set up a home office in a tiny apartment? Start by assessing the surroundings.

How to set up a home office in a tiny apartment – Consider making an existing table the desk

Don’t have room for a desk? Consider turning an existing table into a desk. Dining and coffee tables, consoles, and nightstands are all examples of existing tables that you can turn into temporary or permanent workstations. A piece of furniture that works double-duty is the best way to save space in a tiny apartment.

Buy a desk that maximizes space

You’re wondering how to find the best storage solution to your small space problem. Well, consider buying a desk that maximizes space. If you don’t have a built-in desk option, invest in a stand-alone sturdy desk for your computer and other office necessities.

How to set up a home office in a tiny apartment – Focus on vertical storage

When setting up a home office, don’t count on a lot of floor space for storage. Instead, think vertical for a space-saving home office. So, consider installing shelves above your desk to hold office necessities. But, if you want to avoid nailing anything into the wall, consider purchasing a free-standing ladder desk. The one that includes vertical shelves. 

Focus on quiet nooks

If you’re wondering how to set up a home office in a tiny apartment, focus on quiet nooks. So, learn how to create quiet spaces in your home. Those spaces can be a walk-in closet, a kitchen nook, or a cozy spot under the staircase. 

Bedroom Office Desk

Set up a home office in a quiet place.

How to set up a home office in a tiny apartment – Get organized

One of the best things you can do for yourself when working from home is to prioritize organization. Organizing and decluttering your home will likely increase your productivity. Try 5 decluttering tips that actually work. They will help you stay sane when working in a tiny apartment. Also, keep your workspace simple by decluttering and tidying up your desk regularly. Limit personal items to just your computer, keyboard, mouse, a picture frame, and lamp. Adding too many items can distract you from working. Also, they will limit the amount of desk space you have to work with.

Avoid big and bulky office chair

Opt for an office chair that slides easily under the desk. So, try to avoid wide, bulky office chairs with armrests. Picking a desk chair that doubles as a dining chair or sitting chair. This is another excellent way to save space in a tiny apartment.


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