If you enjoy reading, you probably have a lot of books in your home. To store books properly pick a storage method appropriate for them and keep them safe, because they have sentimental value. Getting rid of books is not an option, of course. So, find a way to store them by not using too much space in a house.

Places in the house to store books properly

If you want to create storage in your home, look for some ideas. The goal is to keep all the books in your house but on the other hand, not to make clutter and to keep your house clean and organized.

Store books properly on shelves

Books can be used as a decoration on your walls too

Here are some places where you can store your books and at the same time, to look like a decoration in your home:

  • Vertical spaces are a perfect way to store books properly. Buy some shelves for the books and it may look like a nice decoration on your wall.
  • If you don’t want to expose books, use space under the bench or a sofa to store books. Your house will stay neat while books are in a safe place.
  • Having closets you don’t use can be used for books, Just replace doors, it is better to have doors with glass and put your books in there.
  • If you have stairs, use space under the stairs or put books in the spaces between the posts on a staircase.

Renting a storage unit

Creating storage space in your house is a good idea if you have a big house or not so many books to store. But what to do if you don’t have enough space in your house for all your literature. One of the options to consider is renting a storage unit in your area.

This way, you can store other things than just books, but keep in mind that there are some things you cannot store into a storage unit. Luckily, all types of books can be stored. Make sure they are packed and protected properly and you have nothing to worry about.

Books in the room.

If you have plenty of books, you should rent additional space for them

Pay attention to temperatures and humidity

A thing that can damage books is high humidity in the air and hot temperatures. No matter if you will store books in your house or you will rent a storage unit, you must pay attention to these 2 factors. It is a key – so remember those things:

  • Low temperatures are good for books, so keep the temperature below 75 degrees.
  • Humidity is the worst enemy of the books. You will have fungus and mold.
  • On the other hand, low humidity is not great either. Pages can become brittle.
  • UV radiation will make paper to yellow and ink will fade, so keep your books out of direct sunlight.

Store books properly with those tips and you won’t have a problem. Find a perfect spot for them, and keep them safe.


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