As everyone who has ever moved in their life can tell you – it can be a tough process. There are just so many things that you need to do, and yet so little time. This is why people are often looking into ways in which they can make the whole process easier for them. This can range from calling friends or a moving company, getting someone to plan their move for them or taking extra time off work. However, there is one thing that many people don’t consider to do. This is a simple process of getting a storage unit to use while you move. And if you are asking why rent a storage unit for a move, then you are in the right place! In this article, you will ways in which you can use your storage unit when moving to help ease the process and reduce stress!

What are the ways to use your storage unit when moving

You may think that getting a storage unit for the move seems senseless. At the end of the day, it just means you have one more chore to do – if you are lucky. Usually, you will need to find the unit while trying to avoid storage scams, move your items into it, and then move them back into your new home. However, as you will find out, the advantages can easily outweigh the disadvantages:

  1. you can use your storage unit when moving to give yourself more room to breathe as well as more time;
  2. getting a storage unit will help you organize your move better;
  3. you can declutter and downsize easily with a storage unit of your own;
  4. you will save money and gain security.

Let’s look at all of these advantages of getting your own storage in more detail.

Give yourself time

Just like there are many types of home, so there are many types of moves. And sometimes, you will not have enough time to move. Whether your lease is ending, or you have an opportunity that you will miss if you don’t grab it immediately doesn’t matter – life brings situations we don’t have full control of. So, you might end up needing to move out of your home without proper preparation.

An hourglass.

Time is an important resource during every move.

This is where a professional company such as Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC comes into play. You can leave a huge load of your stuff into a secure storage unit and then come for it later. This way you can use your storage unit when moving to focus on the more important task. Find a good mover, transport important items, finish up the paperwork. When you are done, your stuff will still wait for you in the storage unit.

Organizing the move is a priority

As all moving experts will tell you, if you are moving without proper planning, you are just calling for something to go awry. Every move needs proper planning – even when moving to a place that isn’t so distant. For example, you should start preparing for an average move two months in advance! This is because there are just so many things that go into a move that you cannot simply improvise. 

A moving planner.

Keep your move organized.

So, use your storage unit when moving to keep the move organized. Put the unimportant items into the storage. Clean up your attic and your garage, pack the things you are not using and shuffle them off to a secure location. Then, when the movers come to pick up your stuff, you will only have your furniture to deal with. This way you are making both your and your movers’ jobs easier.

Declutter and downsize

Another great way to use your storage unit when moving is to remove all the clutter from your home or help you when downsizing. First, one of the best ways in which you can utilize the unit is to declutter your home for storage. The small items that you rarely use easily come in the way when moving. So, before you even start preparing, box them up and send them to a reliable storage unit. Then, after you unpack all your furniture, you can bring these boxes back and decorate your house well. The process will also be easier since now you will not have the stress of moving, as well as the packing supplies, weighing you down.

Downsizing can also be tough. It is also another thing you can make easier if you use your storage unit when moving. If you are unsure of whether or not your furniture will fit in your new home, pack it up in storage. After the move, you can see how much room you have left for those less important pieces, and bring them over as you see fit.

Save money when moving

A thing that worries almost every person moving their home is how much money the whole process will cost. Obviously, transporting your home is not cheap, but you can make it cost less by using your storage unit right. You can leave the heaviest and the biggest items in the storage. This way, movers will not be charging for them, and you will only be paying for storage space.

Money piles - which you will save if you use your storage unit when moving.

Save money by using your storage unit.

The final reason to use your storage unit when moving is to increase the security of your items. Simply put – there are some items too valuable to let movers transport them. There are some items the movers will refuse to transport because of this reason as well! The solution to this is to find a secure and cheap storage unit and put these items there to wait for the end of your move.


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