When you want to ship your goods overseas, many things you should consider if you want to be sure it is done in the safest manner. Procedures for shipping overseas are far more complex than for local shipments. There are many customs regulations you should learn about. Also, you need a lot of paperwork and to learn about proper packaging procedures. Plus, you need to think about shipment costs and time of delivery. Shipping your goods overseas is safe, but you should be prepared and informed to do it right.

First, learn more about customs regulations

The first thing you should think about when shipping goods overseas are customs regulations. All your goods should be shipped in the proper way if you want them to clear customs. You need to fill out requested paperwork. Also, learn about customs forms of the export country, same as regulations in the country of import. If you are not sure about rules and procedures for shipping overseas, the safest thing you can do is to turn to professionals. Especially if you are shipping goods for the first time, make sure to get help from freight forwarding and similar assistance.

Shipping containers

When shipping goods overseas you should know about customs regulations. Make sure your shipment does not include forbidden items and wrong paperwork.

Be aware of custom fees

When you are shipping internationally, the customs department requires from you to pay fees. If you are shipping high-value items you will be required to pay more fees. So, be prepared and check the custom fee rates before shipping your goods.

Determine the date of delivery

When shipping goods internationally, it very important to determine the date of delivery. Make sure to plan everything carefully. And, be aware, when shipping overseas there is a big chance of your shipment getting delayed. This also depends on the type of your shipment, sometimes the customs clearance can take a long time. So, be prepared and plan if you want safe delivery of your shipment.

Packaging – the most important step for the safety of your shipment

You should be very careful when it comes to packaging. Your shipment should be well and carefully packed and labeled. If you are not sure how to do it properly, you should consider hiring a shipment company Boueri Freight Services that handles packaging the best!

Pick the right Type of Transportation to ship goods overseas safely

Another thing you should consider is which type of transportation is the best for your shipment: sea or air freight? Think about the time, cost and products. Air freight is the fastest method but is also the most expensive. Sea freight is affordable but it takes a lot more time.

Sea freight

Pick the right transportation method when you are shipping goods overseas.

Check what items are Restricted for shipping

There are a lot of items that are restricted for shipping. So, check it before you send your goods. Different countries have different rules about restricted items.

Check rules for shipping perishables

Make sure to check rules about shipping perishable items. You should follow certain rules, about the size and the number of items you want to ship. The rules depend on the country.

Shipment of Animals and Plants

If you are shipping animals or plants, you must fill out forms if you want to do it properly and to avoid complications with Custom. Make sure to hire an experienced shipping company when you want to ship animals. You want to be sure someone takes care of them during the transit.

Shipping containers

Hire an experienced and reliable shipping company. Professionals know how properly to transport your products.

For safe shipping overseas – get an Insurance

The risk of damages is high when you ship internationally. So, the best thing you can do is to ensure your items for damages, accidents, etc. Financial safety can save you from a lot of troubles.

To conclude, keep all these tips in mind to make sure the shipping overseas goes without complications. When you know everything about the rules and regulations for shipping overseas, you can have peace of mind knowing your items are safe!


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