Most children who live in a house and have their own backyard also have a treehouse. Inside a treehouse, they can build their own world and have a lot of fun. But, when the time comes that you simply do not need a treehouse anymore, what should you do? In that case, you should think about relocating a treehouse. This means that you will not get rid of a treehouse, but you can keep it in the same shape and use it for something else. Still, how is it possible to move it? In the following lines of the article, we will present to you what to do.

Tips for relocating a treehouse

Like in every moving process, you need to avoid moving mistakes. Especially, when we talk about this type of relocation. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you in this process:

  • Take out all the goods from your treehouse.
  • Look for extra help when you are relocating a treehouse.
  • Gather appropriate equipment.
  • Cut the tree.
  • Disassemble a house if there is a need.
  • Find the vehicle for transportation.

These are the basic tips and tricks that you can use for moving a treehouse. Still, how to manage the entire process properly? Let us present to you.

Take out all the goods from your treehouse

The first step before you relocate a treehouse is taking out all the belongings you have inside it. Keep in mind that you need to pull off a treehouse from a tree. It is a necessary thing to avoid any kind of damage while you are doing it. Also, when you take out all your goods, put them inside a storage unit, in the case that you do not have enough space in your home. You just need to choose the best storage for your needs, so you can put all your goods with ease.

Pack your goods properly

Do not forget that you have to pack your goods in the right way. In other words, you need to choose the right moving boxes. Speaking about where you can find the boxes, there are many options. For example, you can ask a moving company, look on the internet, or ask someone familiar who has recently moved to borrow you some.

A cardboard box is helpful to put the belongings in it when you relocate a treehouse.
Choose the right boxes for your goods.

Look for extra help when you are relocating a treehouse

For moving a treehouse, you should definitely have extra help. If you are doing it yourself, it can be a huge risk. In order to avoid any kind of danger and damage, there are two options. The first one is to ask your friends to come and help you. Speaking about the second option, you should look for professionals who will assist you in this process. Keep in mind that when you have professional assistance, the entire process will be a smooth one. Just do good research and see what options you have.

Gather appropriate equipment

Speaking about the equipment, you need to gather it on time. The equipment will help you to put a treehouse down from a tree and later, if there is a need, to disassemble it. For example, you should gather enough ropes, straps, and bungee cords. If you are hiring professionals who will help you, feel free to consult with them about the equipment. Gather these materials on time, so you can start the process as soon as possible.

A rope.
Gather enough ropes so you can move a treehouse from a tree.

Cut the tree

If a treehouse is constructed that a tree trunk is built through it, you will need to cut the tree. But, you should not cut the tree by yourself. For this task, again, you should have extra help or professionals. To do this properly, first of all, you will need to use ropes and previous equipment that we have mentioned earlier. You should tie up the ropes on the treehouse and connect them to the vehicle, so you can secure it from damage. After this, you can start cutting the tree and be sure that you will avoid any kind of danger.

Disassemble a treehouse if there is a need

When you get a treehouse down from a tree, if there is a need, start disassembling it. Since you are moving a treehouse, it means that the parts can be large and heavy. In order to relocate them properly, you should use a dolly. Once you disassemble a treehouse, secure the parts properly, by using the right packing materials. Do not forget that you need to be sure about the safety of your treehouse during transportation.

A wrench.
Disassemble a treehouse if there is a need.

Find the vehicle for transportation

No matter if you have disassembled a treehouse or not, you need to find the right vehicle for transportation. Since we are talking about a treehouse, you should definitely look for a moving truck. You just need to do good research and see about renting a moving truck in the US. Keep in mind that you have to find a truck that is suitable for your treehouse. Again, you can ask a professional moving company to help you in transporting a treehouse to the place where you will keep it.

Have a final check

Before you relocate a treehouse, you should check it one more time. If there is any kind of damage while you were putting it from a tree, you should memorize it. Do not forget that the damage can happen during transportation and you need to be sure about in which shape a treehouse was before you transported it.

Relocating a treehouse is possible

To conclude, even if it might be harder than other moving processes, relocating a treehouse is possible. Just follow the tips and tricks that we have presented to you and you will achieve it. Also, do not forget to have extra help. In this way, you can be sure that you will do the entire process with ease.


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