There are quite a few locations within the US that are considered to be hot pots for newcomers. Americans, as well as internationals, are just over the moon for these locations. So, when we talk about the most appreciated places to move to we just can’t neglect to mention Palm Beach. However, moving to such a place is more often than not associated with a hefty price tag. Even though many of us have limited budgets when it comes to our day-to-day functioning, there are places within Palm Beach that will not break your bank account if you decide to move to this gorgeous location in Florida. We are sharing with you the most affordable places in Palm Beach to move to. You too can live the American dream in the Sunshine State without going broke.

Most affordable places in Palm Beach to move to

Before you start your Florida house hunt or visit for moving assistance, take a second, and do the needed research. Since Palm Beach is a stunning location it is very easy to overextend yourself financially. Consequently, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. Renting or buying a property that you cannot afford in the long run is equal to financial suicide. So, before you hit the ground running take a second and check out all the places we suggest. Our favorite places in Palm Spring are all inviting and enjoyable, yet affordable.

Woman ridding a bike on in a street in one of the most affordable places in Palm Beach

Living in Palm Beach gives you the opportunity to enjoy a constant sunshiny day and plenty of outdoor activities.

Factors that made the cut

Before we dive deeper into some of the more affordable places in Florida we should share with you which factors we considered when making this very important list. This way you can be certain you are covered on all fronts. But, let’s be more concrete. For instance, some places might have affordable utilities and grocery shopping options. Yet, real estate prices might be through the roof. In such an instance, that particular spot might seem falsely affordable. As a result, money problems would soon appear in your future.

When we examine the affordability of living places in Palm Beach, we considered the following factors:

  • real estate prices (both rental and buying real estate rates)
  • utility costs
  • goods and services needed in everyday life
  • grocery costs
  • gas prices, etc.
A living complex in Palm Beach with little green bushes in front of entrances.

Not all housing options are luxurious in Palm Beach. There are plenty of modest options that are still very beautiful and comfortable to live in.

Progressive North West

If you are looking to be a homeowner in Palm Beach this is the place to be. All costs when living in Progressive North West are equal to Floridas average costs of living. Nevertheless, there is one, but very important exception. Housing costs are almost 50% lower than the rest of the state, including other areas in Palm Beach. No wonder this neighborhood is one of the places retirees love living in Florida. For this one but very important reason, this Florida neighborhood just had to appear among the most affordable places in Palm Beach.


For those that have kids and are on a strict budget, Pahokee can be an excellent choice to move to. Sure costs of living are significantly lower on all fronts than in other areas. Yet, there is something else extremely enticing in this area for all parents. The public school system is ranked very high. Consequently, moving to this area can be a great investment in your children’s education. When you top it off with high diversity, Pahokee becomes a truly impressive area for families with kids.

Lake Mangonia

Here is another area that has excellent housing options for a decent sum of money. We must admit that other costs of living creep around the area’s average. However, since housing is the largest cost in everybody’s budget our list of most affordable places in Palm Beach can’t go without Lake Mangonia. Organizing your Florida relocation when you know you are going to live in a lakeside property will be a piece of cake.


We saved the best for last. Lantana is a town in Palm Beach that can offer you so much more than just low costs of living. It is the perfect place for those that like to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. As well as the exciting nightlife that this charming Florida town has to offer. In addition to the two already excellent characteristics, Lantana is also a great spot for those that love outdoor activities, diversity, and everything related to health and fitness. Plus it is extremely easy to settle in with experts’ assistance. While you explore all the benefits of your new surroundings, professional movers will get you settled into your new space in no time.

A sunset over the Ocean enjoyed by a person with his or her legs chilling in the water.

Ditch your old crib and enjoy Palm Beach and that well-known Florida weather.

Local professional movers

One thing is certain, no matter where you decide to move to in Palm Beach, moving professionals are a must. Only if you cannot afford professional help should you relocate on your own. Moving your home, even your business is a complicated process. So much goes into it that certain situations can’t even be predicted. Though, such situations are much different for professionals that specialize in relocation. Not only can they handle any moving problem, but they can also prevent them from happening in the first place. Therefore, make it your mission to invest in professional assistance so your relocation can be a breeze.


Sure Palm Springs is one of the most desired places in Florida which makes it somewhat pricey. Still, there are spots in this fabulous area that can be taken advantage of by all those on a tight budget. If you feel like your bank account is running low consider moving to one of the most affordable places in Palm Beach. This way you can still live in your dream area without breaking the bank. So, pack your bikinis and your beach hat and head on over to the Sunshine State. It is truly worth the moving hassle.


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