Are you thinking about relocating to New York? While Manhattan might be the first thing that comes to your mind, there’s more to New York than that. You must not forget Brooklyn Heights, one of the most beautiful and peaceful neighborhoods. The tree-lined streets, wonderful historic buildings, and the Brooklyn Bridge Park are enough to make you fall in love with the neighborhood. Let’s see what it’s like living in Brooklyn Heights.

The view of Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights at night.

One of many benefits of living in Brooklyn Heights is having a beautiful view

Everything you need

With 12 blocks and around 23.00 residents, this neighborhood has got everything you need. Good schools, great options for outdoor activities, historic buildings, and wonderful architecture. But, you also need to know how to find everything you need for your relocation. The process of relocation is challenging, so choosing your new location is not enough.

The first historic district in NYC

Since the 17th century, there’ve been farries across the rivers although not for the same purpose as today. Their initial purpose was to serve the farms in the area today known as Brooklyn Heights. However, when Robert Fulton started running the steam ferry service in 1814, it marked the beginning of the fashionable residential area.

The preservation

However, it was supposed to be bisected by the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, which would destroy many beautiful homes. Thanks to the opposition, the highway was built along the west side of the neighborhood. Also, it was covered by the Promenade, which allowed the residents to enjoy the view of New York Harbor. Thanks to Landmarks Preservation Commission, it was designated as the first New York City historic district.

The borders

The Brooklyn Heights neighborhood encompasses the area from Old Fulton Street or Cadman Plaza to the Atlantic Avenue and East River to Cadman Plaza West. It’s also surrounded by three historic districts, although the Brooklyn Heights is the largest one.

The cost of living

Brownstone townhouses of often five stories predominate in Brooklyn Heights. Comparing to other Brooklyn houses, these houses here are quite different from each other, as there are brick houses and carriage houses, too.

  • The price of the townhouses here goes from 6 to 8 million dollars, although the whole mansion can be listed for around 40 million dollars.
  • Studio co-op apartments can go from 350,000-400,000 dollars.
  • One bedroom-apartments go from 450,000 – 750 dollars
  • two-bedroom -apartments from 950,000 to 1.35 million dollars
  • three-bedrooms from 2.3 million to 3.2 million dollars
  • rentals for a one-bedroom apartment go from 2,000 to 4,000 dollars a month
  • for two-bedroom apartments go from 2,500 to 6,500 dollars
  • rentals for three-bedroom apartments go from 5,000 to 10,000 dollars

If these numbers are within your price range, then you should be moving here all by yourself. Instead, you can hire an affordable and reliable moving company, like this one right here There’s no reason not to share the burden of moving if you can afford it.

If it’s too expensive for you

If the cost of living in Brooklyn Heights is too high for your budget, there are other options. What you can do is to buy or rent a smaller apartment. However, the usual problem with downsizing is where to put all of your belongings. Luckily, there is a solution for this – you can find a cheap storage unit. This way, your apartment won’t be full of the things you don’t use at the moment, and your rent will be significantly lower.

What to do when living in Brooklyn Heights

Really, the best thing to do here is just to wander the wonderful streets. Leafy streets, lined with historic brownstone-houses and old churches truly make your everyday walk wonderful.

Outdoor activities

If you like having outdoor options, then the expanding Brooklyn Bridge Park is the best place for you. There are sex piers there where you can enjoy kayaking, basketball, beach volleyball, soccer, and other activities. Of course, there are numerous restaurants along the river that offer a beautiful view. Also, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline while walking along the Promenade. This about five blocks long walk has been the attraction for about 60 years.

Brooklyn Bridge Park to illustrate living in Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Bridge Park is a beautiful place that’s great for outdoor activities


If you are into shopping, then Montague Street has everything you need. You’ll find national chains and restaurants here like Sleepy’s or Subway. For food, you can also go to Atlantic Avenue, where you can find Middle Eastern restaurants. Also, Court Street has some national chains too. In addition to these, Henry Street has more than a few restaurants where you can have a nice meal.

Public transport

You can expect to get to Midtown in about 20 minutes. People who work in the financial district don’t need to worry, as Brooklyn Heights has a good connection. Only one stop away from Lower Manhattan, there is:

  • The Court Street station – N and R subway trains
  • The High Street station –  A and C which stop at Jay Street-Metro Tech
  • The Clark Street station – 2 and 3 which stop and Borough Hall
Lower Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan is not so far away

The education in Brooklyn Heights

In the last couple of years, there have been more families moving to Brooklyn Heights. You can notice that easily, as there’s now a waiting list for the kindergarten of Public School 8 Rober Fulton. This is the only public school in the area and it has around 900 students from kindergarten to eighth grade. Brooklyn Heights also has great private schools. Packer Collegiate Institute is a top-rated school that offers high-quality education. Other than this, there’s a top-rated Saint’s Ann School that will awaken the creativity in your child’s mind.

Is living in Brooklyn Heights for you?

Does living in Brooklyn Heights sound like something you like? Or you might think that living in brown-stone houses is not for you? Don’t worry, there are plenty of alternative housing options. The best way to know for sure if living here is for you is to come and visit it. Walk the streets, visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park, meet the residents. But, beware – these charming streets have a way of getting under your skin. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.


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