Moving long distance is not a joke and definitely not simple or stressless, unfortunately. Making this step is huge and takes a lot of preparation and organization in order to save your sanity. One of the ways to have a successful and stress-free relocation, you will need some long distance moving tips and a guide to follow, no matter are you doing this for the first time or not.

Stressless long distance moving tips

Having a stress-free move is possible if you have the right guide to follow. Be fully prepared and don’t let anything scares you. Don’t panic – yes, moving to another state is hard, but you are not the only one (or the first one) who needs to make that decision. By following these steps below, your long-distance relocation will be smooth and easy.

A list of long distance moving tips.

Have long distance moving tips and make your relocation easy and smooth

Plan everything in advance

Moving long-distance requires a lot of preparations, and to have a smooth relocation, plan each step in advance and start early and you will have enough time to finish everything. This also includes creating a moving budget and knowing how much money you can spend. Plan your moving budget to reduce stress and find ways to cut some of the moving expenses if your budget is tight.

Research long-distance moving companies

Moving by yourself to another state or country is recommended only if you have experience with moving and driving a large moving vehicle such as moving trucks. And also, this is very stressful and takes a lot of time. The better solution is to hire a moving company and that will save your sanity, but only if the company is reliable. One of the companies to research is, but when choosing a company, check these items:

  • License for moving long-distance and insurance is one of the most important things for a company to have.
  • Ask a company about long distance moving tips and you will see how trained and experienced they are.
  • Read online moving reviews from past clients.
Vehicles on a road.

Hire a long-distance moving company in the USA and make your relocation simple

Get an in-home moving estimate

First, choose a couple of moving companies and get an in-home moving estimate (online moving estimates are not accurate). When you know how much money your relocation is going to cost, it will be easier for you to organize and create a moving budget. If you need to transport a mobile storage unit long distance, not only your home, get an estimate for that too. By separating about 3 companies and choosing the best, your relocation will be stress-free and you will be more relaxed.

Ask the driver for a contact number

On a moving day, ask a company’s driver for a phone number and you will know where your items are or if there are going to be some delays because of a traffic jam or bad weather. This will keep you more relaxed and you won’t worry that much.

Declutter before packing

Before you start to pack your household items, declutter, and separate items you want to move and want to toss. Packing will take you most of the time and also, more items you have to move, relocation will be more expensive. Which is not good if your budget is not big. If you already rented a home in a new city, get all the measures and see will your furniture fit in and is it worth relocating it cross country. Also, label each moving box, so you won’t lose time when unpacking or searching for some item.

Labeled moving boxes.

Pack smartly and label every box

Pack essential moving box

Having an essential box on a moving day will definitely save your sanity when moving long-distance. How? You will need water, snacks, clothing, scissors, toiletries, items for the first night in your home, etc. So imagine looking for those items all day. Especially if you are moving with kids and settling the whole family down in San Antonio. You will need more food, linens, towels, and toys to keep your kids happy and calm. The essential moving box will keep the entire family happy, it is one of the long distance moving tips that will save your sanity.

Consider renting a storage unit

Many people rent a home after moving when moving long-distance. So, what will you do with all your household items while searching for an apartment or a house? This will give you a lot of headaches unless you choose the best storage unit. Keep your items safe in a storage unit and you won’t worry what to do with them and search for a home stress-free. Also, if your new home is too small for all your items and you don’t want to throw them away, renting a storage unit is also a solution.

Keep valuables with you on a moving day

Household items will be in a moving truck, but valuables such as documents, jewelry, keys, and money, should be with you on a moving day. Also, many moving companies will refuse to move these items because of their value. To keep your sanity, pack those items in a bag and keep that bag with you all the time.

Move off-season

Moving off-season is less stressful and also cheaper. One of the long distance moving tips is to move during the fall or spring because most people move during the summer and there are a lot of people on the road. Driving will take you more time, and if you have kids or dogs, they will be very nervous. This will drive you crazy, so if you are able, reschedule your move. At least, don’t move on weekends.



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