When you want to open a successful company, you need to pick a place where you can make a profit as soon as possible. Around 20% of businesses fail in their first year so earning money fast is crucial. And if you pick Maryland as your new place of business, you will not go wrong. The state has a diverse and thriving business environment because of its proximity to Washington DC. But the problem is what place is the best for your new company. US Pro Warehouse will tell you about the most business-friendly cities in Maryland. 

A quick guide on how to start a business in Maryland 

Before we get into the most popular cities in Maryland where you should start a business, let’s talk about the steps you need to take beforehand. Opening a business is presented as a life-changing moment for anybody who tries it. Most people think you only need to get the money for it, and you are well on the way to having a successful shop or restaurant. But having the money only gives you a chance to open a business – now you have to do the work. 

Conduct market research on Maryland 

When you have the money for a start-up, you need to research the market. You have to get data on a few things when conducting research. 

  • First, one of the most significant things to consider when opening a business is the location. A bad location can set your business up for failure even before you open – that is why we will tell you about the most business-friendly cities in Maryland later on. 
  • Second, when you pick the area in Maryland, see if the residents are well off. You do not want to run a business in a struggling area because your business will also struggle
  • Third, you need to check for competition in Maryland. If you have a product that is not represented in Maryland, you will not need to fight for the market and can have a monopoly.
  • Finally, see if there is demand for what you are providing.
person holding pen on notebook
Before choosing a city to open a company in Maryland, conduct market research.

When you have your market research complete, you can look into a city where to open your business. And when it is time to move, you will need help from a professional. Maryland has a lot of excellent relocation companies, but if you can not find one for you, check out Excalibur Moving and Storage for your moving needs. 

Create a business strategy before looking into the most business-friendly cities in Maryland

When you have all the market data in your hands, you can use it to make your business strategy. Summarize the goal of your business according to market research. Then you need to organize the structure of your business and delegate work between your employees. Finally, with the help of the market date, try and predict when your business will start turning profits. Now let’s move on to where in Maryland should you open your business. 

a gray cloth with the word goals
Make sure to outline the way your business will reach its goals in your business plan.

The most business-friendly cities in Maryland – Bethesda 

The first city we will talk about is Bethesda. Besides being suitable for business, it is one of the most family-friendly places in Maryland. It is a census-designated place in Montgomery County, and about 63,000 people live there. 

There are many reasons to open a business there:

  • People in Bethesda have above-average salaries. The income per capita in Bethesda is 90,720 dollars, while the average pay in America is 31,177 dollars. As we already said above, having a business in a more developed area can benefit your business; 
  • Bethesda is only 7 miles away from Washington DC. Closeness to DC can allow you to get customers from the capital and work with other successful business owners;
  • Finally, the city has companies in different markets, driving many other people to bring their start-ups there. 

So if you like what Bethesda can offer you, come with your business. And you will not waste time on moving because pros can ensure a safe transfer – office movers Bethesda can help you. They have experience with commercial relocation and will handle your stuff correctly and with care. 

Silver Spring

The second city you should check out for your company in Maryland is Silver Spring. Silver Spring is another census-designated community in Montgomery County. The city has a bigger population than Bethesda, with around 81,015 residents. 

Silver Spring is another well-off area of Maryland where the people earn above average. The income per capita in Silver Spring is around 40,909 dollars which is less than in Bethesda. But the cost of living in Silver Spring is a lot lower, so it evens out. In addition, if you were to rent out an office in Silver Spring, it would cost you less. And your employees will have a better quality of life because they will spend less on daily expenses. 

The city is right on the north end of Washington D.C, so you will work with the best people on the field no matter what your company does. 

Silhouette of tower during orange sunset.
Closeness to Washington DC makes Silver Spring one of the most business-friendly cities in Maryland.

Finally, you will not need to work with DC, if you do not need it because there are good companies in the city. Some of the best companies in Silver Spring are United Therapeutics a biotechnology company, Urban One a media company, and many others

So move to Silver Spring and turn to experts for this – office movers in Silver Spring. Their movers will handle all your office equipment so that they arrive in Silver Spring in one piece.


These are the most business-friendly cities in Maryland and we are confident that any one of them will be perfect for your business. But there are other options in Maryland for companies if you want to research.


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