Northern Virginia today is proving to be the hotbed of new economic growth. Also, known as NOVA this area is the most densely populated area in the whole state of Virginia. Coupled with its lowest income tax and business-oriented policies it is providing a great environment for new business development. This motivational environment is drawing businesses in. Many companies are moving here from all over the states. At the same time, new companies and startups are sprouting here looking to exploit this favorable environment. With all this in mind, we should note the most business-friendly cities in Northern Virginia for young entrepreneurs.

Cities of interest

With the increased interest of companies moving here, it is of value to analyze and point out some of the most favorable cities for new companies. It is clear that the atmosphere in the area is great for new startups, however many businesses are moving here in search of better business conditions. Luckily the moving industry recognizes this need. So, is keeping busy with helping commercial relocation of these companies.

Office building
Many cities here offer a business-friendly environment

Here are some of the places that are proving to be the most business-friendly cities in Northern Virginia and are drawing in the majority of these companies.

  • Tyson Corner
  • Warrenton
  • Merrifield
  • Ashland
  • Fairfax
  • Hollins

Tyson Corner

Part of the DC metropolitan area Tyson Corner is proving to be one of the best places for new businesses. Both start-ups and mature companies are very active here. Together they make a business environment that generates over 11 million of revenue on average. This alone speaks volumes of the business potential that Tyson Corner offers. At the same time, there is a lot of space to do business. Millions of square feet of office space are at your disposal for business development. A large number of different office spaces are available for any type of business. Retail, production IT are all welcome here to further the development of the area.


One of the places which are ideal for new startups is certainly Warrenton. It is a town close to DC with a great sense of business development. The town provides every possible form of assistance to new and inexperienced companies and entrepreneurs. Through its Chamber of Commerce, it provides education and guidance. This increases the education level and contributes to the profitability of these companies. Business owners here have the possibility to enhance their knowledge and abilities to further their business development. As part of the chamber, they can have appropriate assistance and training at every level of development. This is one of the reasons that many companies move here from other places in search of better results.


Merrifield is a place that nurtures businesses in the entertainment and retail industry. Most businesses from this sector are well accepted here and can develop fast here. The diversity of the businesses here is also very high so this is fertile ground for business success. This is a place with the highest number of highly paid employees in the state. Salaries regularly exceed 75000 dollars annually. this is why many professionals and companies in these industries are frequently moving here and making the city their home.

Group of young professionals in one of business-friendly cities in Northern Virginia
The workforce in business-friendly cities in Northern Virginia is highly educated and motivated


The average revenue of the companies in Ashland is 2,25 million per company. Ashland is a great place to start a business and develop fast. More than 45% of the companies have paid employees. But not only businesses thrive here. The place is also profitable for families moving here. The cost of living is quite low and housing expenses are below average. Combined with high business profits these low expenses make the city very desirable for professionals moving in with families. This is why with proper planning and scheduling of corporate relocation they also seek professional assistance to make their residential moving simpler and easier.


Fairfax is the place with the lowest unemployment on the national scale. The city of Fairfax invests a lot in business development causing a regular influx of companies to the city. The chamber of commerce organizes education and workshops aimed at improving business performance thus contributing to the success rate of these companies. This makes the city fertile soil for new ideas and development and good opportunities that most companies don’t want to miss.

This is also the reason for new companies moving in to make a new start. Because of that local movers have a lot to do with commercial relocations. Local professionals and skilled people can simplify things by providing professional moving services to companies. here they provide every service from helping to plan a move to providing insurance and storage when needed.


Hollins is a place with promising business statistics. Most businesses here are proving to be very successful. This is the reason why unemployment is well below the national average at 3,3%. Generally, businesses here generate an annual income of over 2 million dollars each. This is making this area of Roanoke very desirable for new companies moving in.

People ina meeting in one of the business-friendly cities in Northern Virginia
There is a lot of potentials to exploit here

Conclusion on Northern Virginia

High incomes, low unemployment rates, and supportive economic policies are proof that this is the area for business development. With proper focus, new businesses can easily thrive here. With some investment and effort, businesses can relocate and take root here and develop further. Success is the idea, but without the business support of the environment, it cants succeed. Northern Virginia is the proof of that concept by providing just what businesses need.

Without a doubt, Northern Virginia is one of the best places to start or move your business. With these and many more business-friendly cities in Northern Virginia, it is fertile soil for business development. Although an idea is important for business startups this supportive environment in the area is also of paramount importance. This strong foundation is what gives local businesses wings and helps them thrive.


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