As the featured image of this article suggests, moving back in with parents can be quite of a mess. You’re all grown up now. The traditional parent/child relationship patterns are history. Now you’re roommates, basically. You can probably see how this can go in the wrong direction. You have new responsibilities. Well, you’re rooming with your parents. How strange, right? Of course, there are ways you can make it easier for both parties. In the article below we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to adapt quickly after moving back in with parents.

So, when are you moving out?

It’s safe to assume that your transition to your parents’ place is only temporary. You need to have a so-called exit strategy. Maybe you’ve lost your job and that’s the reason behind your decision to go back to your old family home. Finding a new job will automatically mean you’re moving to your own place. That’s a simple example of a goal you need to set in front of yourself. That’s your exit strategy. Sometimes, the reason behind the move to your old home is not so stereotypical. In any case, having a perspective of moving out at some point is crucial to your confidence and well-being.

A mother kissing her daughter
You should know by heart the person you’re sharing a home with. After all, she’s your mother.

Try not being a leach

It sounds a bit heavy, don’t you think? This shouldn’t be something you can say to another person. Being a leach and all. Anyway, try to help your parents with expenses and bills as much as you can. For example, you can get a temporary part-time job. This can give you enough confidence in your future plans. Your parents will be happy too and your relationship with them will be more open and equal. Once you move to your old home, expect traditional parental judgment and nagging. It’s unavoidable. Having a part-time job that can cover some mutual expenses is a must.

Father and son at a beach. Moving back in with parents is a great time to relive some past memories.
The tables have turned. You’re not a kid anymore and you shouldn’t except your parents will cover up your mistakes

Help around the house

Of course, helping your parents financially is crucial. But there are also other ways you can be helpful. Although house chores are probably not something you crave, you’re not a kid anymore. Let’s say you’re used to cleaning up your own place every once in a while. Once in a while might not be enough for your new roommates. Don’t let your old room turn into every mother’s nightmare. Help around the house as much as you can.

Spend some quality time with your parents

Don’t ignore your new roommates. Try to spend some quality time with them. Relive some memories. Moving back in with parents is a great way to reconnect with them. You’ll enjoy it as much as they will. There’s no doubt about it. Sharing a great deal of past with someone is the elementary particle of love. You know it yourself.


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