Relocating your home can be pretty stressful, both for you and your furry friend. Even though they can’t tell you that, animals also experience stress when moving to another home. Very often, they find it hard to adjust to the new environment, get scared during transport, and can be very upset. So, if you’re moving from Austin to San Antonio with pets, continue reading. We have some useful tips ready to help you and your pet overcome this move as smoothly as possible.

Keep up the routine

One of the greatest stressful situations is for a pet to step out from their daily routine. This can include feeding time and place, going out, playtime, etc. So, as you’re packing your home, don’t forget to maintain your pet’s routine and don’t disturb it during the moving process. Furthermore, if you want to focus on your pet and some other tasks not related to the move, professional movers can help you leave this great city for good. Long-distance moving experts are experienced with moving your items quickly and efficiently, without making a big mess in your home and disturbing your pet and family members.

A cat looking through a window

Your pet can feel the moving stress, too!

Find the new vet

Another thing you should do in advance or as soon as you move is finding a new vet. Don’t wait until you need something to start looking for a good specialist, because these situations can be very stressful. Also, make sure you prepare all the necessary documentation and get enough prescriptions from the old vet, in case your pet is taking certain vitamins or medications.

Prepare the new home for your pet’s arrival

When moving from Austin to San Antonio with pets, you need to make sure your new home is adjusted for them. If you’re renting a place in San Antonio, find out if the building is pet-friendly. Next, adapt the new home for your pet. It’s good to move the old items they are used to, such as their bed, toys, food bowl, etc. This will help them adjust much faster, as they will associate these items with the idea of home. Also, make sure the house is safe – check the windows, entrances, fences, etc. Pets tend to run away when they are scared or upset, so try to keep them safe inside your new home until they get used to it.

A dog in a caedboard box ready for moving from Austin to San Antonio with pets

When moving from Austin to San Antonio with pets, make sure your new home is adapted for their arrival.

Keep them away from the moving action

Moving day can be pretty busy, with the moving experts carrying the items and boxes out. It’s a good idea to keep your pet away from all the action. Ask a friend or a relative to take care of them until you finish all the work around the house. And hire the company that will complete the move in the shortest time. Check out to find a team that is both fast and professional, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your items when moving to another city.

Travel together

Our last tip for moving from Austin to San Antonio with pets is to travel together in your vehicle. Even though this is not a long drive, it can make your pet very upset. Get an appropriate carrier for a smaller pet or a kennel if you’re traveling with a bigger dog. Also, check your pet’s mood during the drive and keep them comfortable and relaxed a much as you can. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your new home together soon, and fall in love with San Antonio. Have a safe move!


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