Moving into a new apartment or house brings all kinds of good feelings of excitement. This is not a joyful period and it is usually filled with worries. We all want this to be perfect but there are always some obstacles. Moving into your new home can be overwhelming and the first step is drawing the line in your head, between the expectations vs reality.

High expectations

Our expectations are very high because we all imagine these moments for a long time before they happen. We have a feeling that this is going to restart our life, that we can start all from the sketch. When we tend to imagine the perfect scenarios we experience disappointment even though the situation is not terrible. Nothing realistic is that good as dreams. To avoid being disappointed prepare yourself for moving into your new home. The best way is to try to lower your expectations a bit and face the stone-cold reality:

  • Realistically look at the conditions
  • Be aware of your funding capabilities
  • Enjoy as much as you can
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Face the reality

Consider existing conditions

You are imagining moving into your new home like something extraordinary and in most cases, you are going to expect perfection. Expecting bright walls, new furniture, impeccable plumbing, electricity flawless, windows to seal, roof to be properly fixed is something you will do. You are going to want neighbors to be lovable persons that are not too loud. You don’t want to hear the traffic but you want it in the nearby and it needs to be perfect, with no delays. Usually, it is not like this, you will need to renovate, and that is all right. Be realistic about your future living condition. That way you will adapt better to bad sides and you will look forward to more beautiful ones. To prevent those bad things to happen we need to do our part of research and talk to an agent, to former owners, to hire a repairer to check things.

Step by step

Having a plan is never a bad thing. When you have a realistic plan for decorating your home it can encourage you but if you have unattainable fantasies, that can significantly damage your budget. Focus on the priorities at first. Repair the necessary things in your new apartment and fix everything if you must. When moving into your new home contingencies can be found on every corner. Don’t waste your money on the new flower vase, fix the installation first, for example. You will have enough time in the future to arrange your space. Don’t forget to get your security deposit back when moving out from your previous home. Every penny can help you.

This is something new

It will be stressful but try to enjoy it. In the end, even there is a gap between expectations and reality, this will be your new home. Keep that vision of yours in your mind all the time. Keep in mind that you can achieve everything, you will only need time and patience.

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Moving into your new home is dream come true

Moving into your new home can bring you a lot of trouble, especially if there is a gap between expectations and reality. Be positive and persistent and start this chapter with a smile on your face.


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