A lot of people want to live in Brooklyn. And we can’t blame them, Brooklyn is amazing. New York in general is the most popular moving destination. We are talking about an amazing city with plenty of neighborhoods. New York is huge. But the one neighborhood we are particularly in love with is located in Brooklyn and goes by the name Bushwick. Bushwick is a great place to live in and there are plenty of reasons why this is so. But that’s not the only thing we want to tell you more about. As a professional moving company, we wanted to give you a couple of tips and tell you a little bit more about moving to Bushwick. We figured that it is going to come in handy as a lot of people have started moving to Bushwick this year.

More about Bushwick as a neighborhood

Let’s begin by saying that Bushwick is a big neighborhood. It is located in Brooklyn, right next to Highland Park. If you know NYC, you would know how good of a location this is. Having such a big park close to your home is a big plus. Especially if you have children or a dog. If you do, you already know how important having a park nearby is for both children and dogs. Both need to spend some time outside daily. But do not worry, whichever part of the neighborhood you move too, you will have a small park close by. Bushwick has plenty of those.

Highland Park. which makes moving to Bushwick a perfect choice for nature lovers.

Bushwick is not all about concrete streets and buildings, there are plenty of parks here.

Bushwick also has plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars. Not only do children and dogs need to spend some time out, but you also do too. And you will love living in Bushwick if you like going out on a Friday night. There are plenty of amazing bars and restaurants in this neighborhood. A lot of people from all parts of New York come to Bushwick to spend a fun night with friends there. So, do you know what this means? You won’t have to travel half the city in order to have an amazing dinner with drinks all while sitting in a nice restaurant, with a nice view, in a great atmosphere. If this sounds like a place for you, usantini.com can help you relocate to Bushwick at any time.

Why is moving to Bushwick an intelligent decision?

You might be wondering why Bushwick among hundreds of neighborhoods. Well, this is something you will have to see and find the answer for yourself. But that is only possible after moving to Bushwick. Until you do it, you won’t truly understand how amazing living in this neighborhood is. This is one of the most well-connected neighborhoods. By this, we mean that there are plenty of metro stations around here which allows you to go where ever you like. This is great for those who are traveling to work using public transportation. There are also great schools here, no sketchy parts of the neighborhood, plenty of places where you and your whole family can have a lot of fun. There are plenty of amazing historic neighborhoods in New York but Bushwick is our favorite.

Metro map.

Bushwick is a well-connected neighborhood.

Finding a new home

The hardest thing to do if you want to move to Bushwick is to actually find the apartment where you are going to be living. This is a very tough thing to do. As we said, this is a very popular neighborhood because of how amazing it is. This makes finding a home hard. And you also have to add the fact that you are searching for an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. A place where everyone is searching for a new apartment so they could move. This process will take a lot of time surely but you have to be patient. But you will definitely need to find a perfect unit for all your belongings to store as apartments in NYC are very small and cramped

Hire movers when moving to Bushwick

After you find a home and you plan out your entire relocation, you have to include professional movers. Not hiring professional moving services is the wrong thing to do. Moving isn’t easy. Especially not moving in New York. New York is a busy city. There are plenty of people on the streets and plenty of people driving the streets. This can lead to you being stuck in traffic with your belongings in the back. And you will probably have to do two takes if moving by car. That is why you need assistance settling down in this area. There are also things that you shouldn’t move by yourself and that is definitely something to pay attention to.

A man carrying boxes.

Don’t do it all yourself, hire movers!

But this isn’t the only disadvantage of moving by yourself. You could also get injured while carrying your belongings. From experience, we know that most of the boxes that you are moving are very heavy and that furniture rarely ever fits easily through the door. This isn’t something you can handle. Professional movers know how to properly lift and carry heavy things. They do it every day almost. So, leave this job to the professionals or read all about loading a truck without damaging your belongings as well as dozens of other things related to moving.

Use the right packing supplies when moving

You need to use proper packing supplies when packing your home for a move. And there is a couple of things that you are going to need when moving to Bushwick. You will need:

  • cardboard or plastic boxes or crates
  • tape and tape dispensers – it makes taping more efficient and precise
  • bubble pack
  • packing peanuts
  • plastic wrapping foil.

Packing supplies keep your belongings safe so make sure you get good-quality packing supplies.


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