If you want to see the ultimate checklist for moving to Northern Kentucky – you are in luck. This is what we are doing today. Making checklists to help you out with your upcoming relocation. Moving can be hard and stressful as it is, so making a checklist can help you to remember everything especially if you are in a hurry. Let’s start from the very begging – the packing.

The ultimate checklist and packing tips for moving to Northern Kentucky

Packing can be challenging because people usually have a lot of household items and belongings. They all need to be packed properly and the most important of all moving boxes need to be labeled so you can unpack them easily later on. If you simply have too many items to handle on your own you can always hire professional movers like Strong-Ass Movers to help you out. There is no need to do everything on your own if you find it too difficult. Here is a list of some useful tips for packing :

  • start by decluttering (get rid of all unuseful items in your place)
  • get good quality supplies (packing paper and plastic wrap for breakable items, moving boxes, sharpie, duck tape, etc)
  • sort your belongings by room
  • start with packing breakable items
  • prepare furniture and secure it
  • leave the biggest object for the end since moving them is really hard

Make sure that all family members are included in the process, that will make your job easier but also it’s a good bonding experience.

Packed boxes for moving to Northern Kentucky

It’s important to get some good quality moving supplies.

Proffesional movers

Since we already mentioned them, it’s good for you to know that their sole job is to help you with the difficult process of relocation you are facing right now. They can help you with many things like packing, but they also have a variety of other additional services that can also help you along the way. The best of is that you will be able to settle in with the help of experts. Hiring local movers to help you with unpacking and settling is smart since you will do it in no time and start with getting to know Northern Kentucky soon. There is so much to see and explore there.

Professional packers with a cardboard box.

Movers can help you with many chores along the road.

The ultimate checklist for moving day

For the moving day, you will be needing one bag near you to have all the most important things, money, documents, and stuff you will be needing for the road. So, let’s take a look at all the things you need to pack :

  • all important documents
  • wallet
  • medications (in case you use some)
  • food and snacks for the road
  • water
  • wet wipes
  • spare clothes

Those are some basics everyone needs, you can add something else you think you will be needing for the road too.


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