If you are thinking about moving to Powell, then you already know that this city is located just to the north of Columbus. This place is widely regarded as the region’s premier residential community. Powell was formerly a village known as Middlebury. The name was after the original founders’ Connecticut hometown. After the passing of Judge Thomas Powell of Delaware, Ohio opened the first post office in Middlebury in 1857. That’s when the town’s name was changed to Powell.

The city has grown since then. Its residents have never forgotten their origins or lost sight of the joy they feel in keeping their historic downtown as quaint and cozy as ever. Another plus to moving to Powell is definitely their thriving economy. 

The first thing you need to know

Powell has a higher-than-average cost of living when compared to the rest of Ohio and the United States. The cost of living in Powell is 20.4% higher than the U.S. median and 38.2% higher than the rest of the state. The real estate market here is primarily to blame for this situation, as Powell’s prices are around twice as high as the state average in Ohio. Fortunately, Powell offers a wide variety of alternate necessities at significantly reduced prices. Powell has 1% cheaper utilities than the rest of Ohio, on average.

A whopping 98% of households in Powell are owned by their residents. Powell has a median house price of $435,000, which works out to $173 per square foot. While annual increases in housing expenses average only 1%, now is the time to start shopping for the home of your dreams before prices soar much further. Have a look at some of the beautiful houses that are now on the market in Powell, OH.

A select number of Powell residents are still on the hunt for a rental. For a rental unit with a square footage of 1,043 square feet, the average monthly cost is $1,337. Powell’s rental market has stalled, with prices remaining about stable.

Have you researched the weather?

For many people, this is an important factor. If you are moving from a state like Florida you are in for a bit of shock. Typical of continental regions, Powell experiences extreme temperature swings and distinct seasons throughout the year. The average high temperature in a Powell July is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average low is 64 degrees. Meanwhile, lows might drop to 25 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter in Powell. The city of Powell is known for its lush greenery due to the city’s average annual precipitation of about 40 inches of rain and about 25 inches of snow.

If you are moving to Powell maybe you should know about the weather.

If you are moving to Powell with kids you need to research the schools

Tyler Run Elementary School, Olentangy Liberty Middle School, Wyandot Run Elementary School, and Olentangy Liberty High School are some of Powell’s most well-attended institutions of education. The academic growth and proficiency of its students are well-documented and frequently attributed to the quality of these institutions.

The Compass School is very highly rated. This is an excellent private school but it’s not the only one. The Oxford schools as well as the Worthington Christian Powell are just a few of the excellent private school alternatives in the neighborhood. A great deal of Powell’s youth is able to use The Powell Library to further their own individual literary education. If you are moving with your kids here, you should think about hiring movers to help you to settle in. Movers can do so much more. Nowadays they can even find a secure place for your belongings in case you have some excess items.

Job opportunities

If you check out the statistics you will see an increase of $5,380.00 (5.38%) from last year’s median household income of $157,149.00 in Powell. There are now 6,638 people working in the city. The retail, wholesale, transportation, and warehousing sectors as well as the service industries provide the bulk of Powell’s employment opportunities.

Powell residents have an average commute time of 23.2 minutes. That is nearly 2 minutes less than the U.S. average. Even though most people in Powell still commute via car, an impressive 10.9% of the population is now engaged in some form of at-home employment. Many people commute to Columbus and other adjacent areas because of the abundance of employment options available there. As you can see, this city is a very business-friendly place.

Two people shaking hands
Are you looking for a new job? This can be the right place for it.

Population and demographic

The population of Powell is increasing at a consistent rate of 1.8% per year. Currently, there are 13,131 residents of Powell. Females make up 51% of the city’s population, while males account for 49%. The city of Powell is home to people of many different backgrounds, with its population consisting of people of a variety of races and ethnicities.

Powell has a relatively young median age of 38.6 and is also home to a large number of families. The average amount of people residing in one household in the region is 3. However, the typical family composition in the neighborhood is quite varied. More than three-quarters (77%) of Powell natives have earned a four-year college diploma or higher. Thanks to crime rates that are 75% below the national average, this city is among the safest locations to live in the United States. The Police Department in Powel has 19 officers who are always on the lookout for threats to the safety of Powell residents and businesses.

Now that you know so much about Powell

We had to prepare you for moving to Powell. When it comes to packing tips and tricks you can find that easily. There are even apps for it. This time we focused on the popular city and found out all you need to know before you get there. This is obviously just the beginning of your research but you are off to a good start now. Good luck.


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