As an artist, you are probably always looking for inspiration in everything around you. And we must tell you that Texas is a great place to be inspired by. This is an amazing state with a lot of wonderful nature and cities. As it is a very large state, there are plenty of places for you to choose from when moving to Texas. And as you are moving to Texas as an artist, we wanted to give you some suggestions on where we think you should move. Certain places are better for people who are in the artistic realm of work and we are here to tell you all about them. Have in mind that plenty of artists live in Texas and that this is one of the best places for them.


The first city in Texas that we are going to talk about is Irving. And this city is one of the best cities for artists for many reasons. Irving is located near Dallas and it is why a lot of people live here. And among these people are plenty of artists. The number one reason why artists live here is The Irving Arts Center. This art center organizes plenty of art exhibitions, installations, theater productions, and concerts. This attracts a lot of people to Irving and especially art lovers. Living in a city with such an art center can be very beneficial for your work. If you manage to exhibit some of your work or have a concert, your name will be heard much faster this way. This is because a lot of people from Dallas come here to enjoy the art and everything that the center has to show. Moving to Dallas with your family is also a good idea as you will live close to Irving.


Irving is an artistic city.

Have in mind that Irving is a big city and that there are plenty of neighborhoods where you can move to. And the Irving Arts Center is located in the Arts District. This is a neighborhood located in the center of Irving. Living here would be an amazing idea if you manage to find a home here. This is an especially great neighborhood for people with children. It is a calm neighborhood that has both an elementary and a middle school. There’s also a hospital and a recreation center in the Arts District. This means that if you live here, you truly have everything you need in your surroundings. If you end up not liking it here, you should know that moving to another end of the city is simple in Irving.


As one of the biggest cities in the state, Houston is an amazing place for artists. When moving to Texas as an artist, Houston is definitely a city that you need to consider moving to. As it is big, there are plenty of places where you could exhibit your work or organize a concert. There are plenty of bars that allow musicians to play and sing and push forward in their careers this way. There are also plenty of small art galleries here as well as very big ones. A lot of people in Houston love art and they visit these galleries often. Houston is one of the most popular places people are moving to this year.

Have in mind that Houston is a popular tourist attraction. People from all over the world come here. This means that your work might start gaining attention in other parts of the world too. The best part about Houston is that this is a relatively cheap place to live in. And as plenty of artists, sadly, don’t earn a lot of money, this would be an amazing place to live and work in.


Houston offers affordable housing and other amenities.

Houston Museum District is the part of the city where you’ll find most of the big museums and galleries such as The Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of African American Culture, Asia Society Texas Center, and plenty of others. It has at least 46 galleries and nine art museums. Houston offers all kinds of moving options as a big city and moving to Houston is an easy task when you have reliable movers.


Austin was once considered to be an ideal place for creative people to live in. It has a lot to offer and Austin is a place where inspiration comes naturally. This is because Austin is very friendly toward artists and musicians. A lot of artists who moved to Austin were successful because of this. Austin is actually considered to be a weird city. The campaign “Keep Austin weird” is present to this day. You can also visit the Museum of the Weird in Austin and get even more familiar with all of this.

Street Art in Austin.

Austin is a city where everyone can express themselves.

Austin is a more expensive city to live in and it is something you should have in mind when moving to Texas as an artist. There are about 28 museums and galleries in the Austin area and living near them is possible and recommended. This way you’ll always know if there are any artistic happenings in the city. Attending them should be important for you as an aspiring artist.

Read more about the best places in Texas to live in before deciding on where you will be moving. There are plenty of other amazing places in Texas but we think that these few ones are the best for artists. 


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