You’ve decided to move to Thornton, Colorado, and don’t have a clear view of what lies ahead? Well, let’s sum it up this way: you’re in for a tough ride. But, of course – there are ways you can make the process feel more natural and stress-free. With a dose of neat little friendly advice, you’ll be all set. In the article below, we’ll show you some dos and don’ts when it comes to moving to Thornton, CO. Let’s just say you’ve made the right decision. Thornton is a beautiful place you’ll certainly enjoy as a newcomer. Local folks are very hospitable so don’t you worry about adapting. We’re here to give you some introduction info so stay tuned.

Learn a thing or a two about your new home

Before you move somewhere, it’s always good to know where you’re heading. Of course, you probably know the basic info (geography, etc.), but by knowing where you’re heading, we mean a deeper understanding of the community you’re joining. Thornton is a fairly new town settled around the half of the XX century. It’s also named after a Colorado governor from that period, Dan Thornton. Local folks say things have changed a bit in the past couple of decades. Thornton grew from a small community 10 miles outside Denver to a suburb of the big city, with over 100k residents. Some would prefer it not being that way, but who’s to say what’s the best? It surely depends on the person. Anyway, most folks say it’s pleasant and affordable, although the housing market boomed recently.

A cherry blossom tree.

Cherry blossom tree in Thornton, Colorado spotted one beautiful afternoon. Local folks say things have changed for Thornton but nevertheless stays a pleasant place.

Hire local professionals if you need any help moving in

One thing most people don’t hear about until they move to Thornton is the great moving service available in the area. It’s pretty affordable, and the quality of the service is top-notch. Don’t hesitate to call them up if you need help with anything. Also, imagine you’ve found a better place for you and your families than your initial Thornton home. It is time to move yet again. Nobody is thrilled because of it. But you have a great idea up your sleeve. Just contact professionals from the neighborhood, and you’ll be surprised how moving can still be a stress-free process. Thornton residents are pretty proud of their local moving crews and you’ll see why.

Don’t expect good traffic

This might be the only clear “don’t” in this article. After visiting a few local question boards you’d get the same impression. It seems like traffic is not so great for Thornton. Without a car, local folks say, it’s practically impossible to move around the area. Also, let’s add a second “don’t” here so we don’t seem suspicious: don’t expect much rain. Now, this can be either a relief for someone or a dealbreaker. Of course, there are those quite indifferent to this fact. According to some locals – Thronton is basically a semi-desert so yeah, don’t expect it to rain that much.

Some leaves in the rain.

Don’t expect it to rain much in Thornton, CO. The place is basically a semi-desert, as some locals describe it.

Find the neighborhood that suits you best

This one’s pretty important. Finding a neighborhood in your price range that suits you best should be a top priority. Why? It’s simple – nothing affects our everyday lives such as our home conditions. If you can afford it – make sure you check Todd Creek or Eastlake. Expensive but beautiful homes await you there. On the other hand, check out Holly and Glencoe district if you have little kids and you want them to be near to public education facilities. There’s a lot of beautiful houses on the market in Thornton. Picking out the right one will be a hellish task.

Start over in Thornton

Thornton is booming with great job opportunities in all sectors and it is currently a great place to restart your career. With a seven percent unemployment rate, Thornton is definitely an attractive job market. Clustered around Washington Square Business Park, hundreds of firms keep the local economy advancing. Some top employers in the area are the Dish Network with 700 employees, North Suburban Medical Center HealthOne with 650 employees, and the Community Reach Center with 350 staff members. Maybe there’s your chance to find a perfect job in your nearest surroundings like some other fellas before you. Check out the guys at Homegrown Moving Company to see how locals operate their business on an expert level.

A man holding a purse. Moving to Thornton CO will provide you with some neat job opportunities.

Thornton is currently a very attractive job market. Maybe you’ll find your dream job in Thornton, who can tell?

Visit the local annual festivals

Here we’ll name a few annual festivals you’ll surely enjoy visiting after moving to Thornton, CO:

  • Thorntonfest – it’s occurring in the month of May. What’s there to expect? You will the local battle of the bands, a car show, carnival rides, and many more fun activities for you and your loved ones.
  • Harvestfest – it’s always held in September. Expect a bazaar, fishing derby, and some roller skating races.
  • Winterfest – this one is in December. There’s a good chance your kids will be thrilled for it more than you. Santa appears to the locals and there’s a tree decorating contest.

A quick farewell

So, there you have it. Hopefully, this article will help you settle the right way after moving to Thornton, Co. You’ve learned some cool and above all useful facts. For instance – now you know that Thornton has a superior moving scene. Now that’s what most folks don’t know before relocating there. Also, great job opportunities await you Thornton. Who knows? Maybe it’s time for a career restart. Visit the local festivals with your kids and have a time of your life. There’s so much to do – you’ll have every weekend booked for some fun. To sum it all up: there’s no chance you’re gonna have a bad time settling in Thornton. Best of luck.


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