You finally bought your dream home in New Braunfels and you are starting to plan your Texas move. While you are in the mix of taking care of business for your relocation, keep in mind that the safety of your belongings must be your priority. Consequently, fragile belongings must get special attention. So, while you are at it you must meticulously plan how you will take care of your wine collection. Moving your wine collection to your new home is no joke and that is why we are sharing with you some important tips.

When moving your wine collection to your new home use our tips

Moving your beloved vine collection will be quite a challenge. Of course, one of the main reasons being the sensitivity of the wine. Here is how you can minimize the risks of damage when relocating your wine bottles.

A wine collection displayed on large shelves.

Make sure your wine is stored and moved in optimal conditions.

Choose a moving method

Before you even start packing for your move evaluate the size of your wine portfolio. It is not the same if you have 10 or 50 bottles of wine. And yes, plenty of wine lovers have even more bottles in their personal collections. You can transport packages via airplane or with ground shipping directly to your new home in New Braunfels. But, keep in mind, if you do thorough research you will come to the conclusion that air shipping might be less expensive.

Watch the outside factors

One thing that often gets forgotten when moving wine bottles on your own is the outside factors. Certainly, transporting wine is risky because of its glass packaging. However, other factors like temperature, jeopardize the taste of the wine. If the temperature is high, the wine can get cooked. Consequently, the taste of the wine will be spoiled. That is one of the main reasons to visit and ask for wine-related moving services.

Document your entire collection

Before you pack your wine bottles, take pictures, and document every single bottle that you have. This way once you arrive at your new home, you can check your inventory. If you have a large collection there is no other way to make sure that all your wine arrived safely in your new crib.

preparing to take inventory before Moving your wine collection

Leave the packing of your wine to the professionals.

Hire professional movers

If you truly cherish your wine collection you will skip moving it on your own. As dedicated you might be to your move, there is a great chance that you will miss some important step during the packing or transportation process. Don’t risk the collection that took you years to put together. Professional movers will make sure your needs are met. Still, when hiring movers be on the lookout. Not all professional movers have experience with moving wine. Make sure that your movers have at least a few wine relocations under their belt before you hire them.


One of the reasons you should be careful when moving wine is their price. People that are passionate about wine tend to have very expensive and vintage bottles in their collection. Some bottles can cost thousands of dollars or even more. But for those that truly love and enjoy wine, it is not about the money. It is about taking pride in something that they love and enjoy. Moving your wine collection to your new home will not be simple. Thus, make sure you take all necessary steps to protect it. Once you settle into your new house, pop your favorite bottle, because there is no better way to celebrate. Cheers!


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