A moving day is getting closer and closer but there are still many things to do. Relocation is a very complex process and it is not only about packing and transporting. One of the tasks you should do is to measure before moving into a new place.

But, what exactly? How to do it? If you are moving into your first apartment, it is normal not to know where to start and what to measure. Especially if you are moving abroad, it is harder because you can’t see your new place yet. A guide should help you cope with moving preparation easier.

A ruler to help you measure before moving into a new place.

Get yourself a ruler/measuring tape and have all the information about furniture sizes and sizes of your new place you are moving to.

Measuring is important for many different reasons. Do it right and write down all the measurements you made. Things you will need are a ruler, paper, and pen. That’s all. If you don’t have a big measuring tape, it is easy to find it in larger stores and it won’t cost you a lot.

What to measure before moving into a new place?

You decided to rent/buy a new home, that means moving and transporting all your items there. But, how to prepare? Measuring is important because you will know the price of your move and how to set your new apartment. New York has storage facilities you can use and you must know the size of all the furniture. So, as you can see, it is a big deal. Learn how to do it and do it right. We can help you with that.

Measure your furniture

To avoid moving mistakes, furniture is one of the things to measure before moving into a new place for many different reasons. Storage, knowing the moving costs, how big of a moving truck do you need, etc. Make a checklist for measuring and you won’t forget a thing, for sure.

A living room.

Measure your old furniture, its size and weight too.

  • Couches and sofas – measure length, depth, and back height
  • Bookcases – width, depth, height
  • Dresser
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Nightstands
  • All the appliances such as washing machine
  • Tables and desks
  • Chairs
  • Headboard
  • If you have special items to move, measure them too such as billiard, piano, etc.
  • TV and TV stands
  • Rugs

The moving company can measure your furniture

When hiring a moving company, they will come to estimate all the items you need to move. Their weight and size. It is important, so they can give you accurate moving costs. Of course, if you want to save money on relocation, moving fewer furniture is one of the ways to cut moving costs. Hire a couple of companies and compare their bids (quotes). One of them is U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn.

Estimate online or over the phone won’t be exactly right. It is the average price for relocation. Most people have no idea how many items they have to move. Until they start to measure.

Measure a new home

To know what to pack and what to leave behind, first, you must know the size of every room in your house. It is not enough just to know how many square feet it has. Even if you won’t move your old furniture, still you need to have all the measurements to buy new furniture. Having the floor plan will help you decorate and furnish an apartment/house as you wish.

  • Measure all the bedrooms and living room
  • Bathroom and kitchen too
  • High of the ceiling (if you have different sizes of ceilings, measure them all)
  • Hallway’s length and width
  • Stairways width and ceiling height from the first and last step too
  • Measure the biggest window and you will know which furniture can go through
  • Main (entry) door
  • As well as secondary doors (bedroom, kitchen bathroom doors)
  • If you will live in a building, measure the size of an elevator
Floor plan.

If you already rented or bought a home, go into every room and start to measure before moving into a new place.

Some people you don’t know how to furnish and decorate your new place, in that case, hire an interior designer and it will look stunning. Show him/her your new home, tell your wishes and style, and you can focus on your moving. A designer can do one room or the entire home.

What if a new home is too small for all your items?

What if your new apartment is smaller than your previous one, but you can’t throw everything away. Is there a solution? Luckily, yes. Renting a storage unit is one of the best solutions for your furniture that can’t fit in. Prepare things for storage pack them, find the right size storage unit, and that’s it. Now, when you have all the measures, you know exactly what type and size you need to rent.

Outdoor storage unit.

To rent the right size storage facility, you must know all the measures of the household items you want to store inside of it.

There are many things to measure before moving into a new place and storage is one of those things. It can be a temporary or permanent solution. After all, why make a clutter in the home, when it can be clear and open. You can store off-season clothing, Christmas decorations, sports equipment you don’t use, old kids’ toys and clothes, etc. Good luck with living in a new place and personalize it as you wish.


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