Moving after retirement is often and the reasons are different. If you have chosen to move to NJ, do you know where are the best places in New Jersey for senior citizens? We’re here to tell you.

Why are seniors moving to a new place?

Some of the reasons are:

  • Proximity to family and friends
  • Better quality of life
  • Downsizing
  • Senior-sector employment
  • Affordability
  • Safety
  • More activities for seniors

Create a moving plan, but know that choosing a place where to move is not the only decision you need to make.

A moving box.

If it is time for you to relocate, make sure to choose the right place for you.

Moving as a senior to a different city required help (assistance). But, you need to start from somewhere, and picking your future home is a good way to start with.

Best places in New Jersey for senior citizens to move to

If you are considering moving to a new place in NJ, the first step is to choose the right location for you. Now it is time for you to enjoy and relax after all those years working. Moving during retirement is possible and it can be easy.  Which places to explore and how to choose where to move?

Here are some of the nicest places in NJ for seniors. If you are able, visit some of them if you are able to – before making the final call. After choosing the place where you want to live, research moving companies and make the moving process easier to handle.


Wayne is a place located in Passaic County, NJ. It offers residents a dense suburban feel. Beaches are nearby. What is the best way to relax during the summer months than lying on the beach? Wayne is not a small town but it offers a small-town feel. On the other hand, it is not boring.

You can have an active life in Wayne. To move here with ease, it’s best to rely on experts from this area. They already know this town and have enough experience. Create a moving checklist and have an organized relocation to Wayne. 

Surf City

Surf City is one of the best places in NJ for retirees. It is a very small town with a population of 1,300 and half of them have more than 65 years. 23% of the population ore between 55 and 64.  Why do so many seniors choose to live in Surf City? It on located on the coast and the beach is amazing and beautiful. Surf City is clean, nice, and safe. It is vibrant during the summer months, but in the winter, it is quiet. Nature is breathtaking, and it is worth exploring some of the greenest places in New Jersey every day.

Washington Township

If you are looking for a quiet and nice place, consider Washington Township as your new home. It has a very low crime rate. Crimes here are almost nonexistent. According to local movers, Gibraltar Van Lines, people are friendly and nice and neighbors are like one big family.

2 seniors lying in bed.

Be happy and enjoy your life. If it means you should move to a new place, then start organizing a relocation.

Besides senior citizens, many families with kids live here as well. If you are looking for places in New Jersey for senior citizens where your grandkids will love to be, Washington Township is one of the options.


When being a senior, you should think more about your health. That means you need to live in a place that has good medical facilities. In Camden, there are 55 hospitals within 25 miles of the city. It is a bigger town in New Jersey, and that is why it has a lot of things to offer. Not only hospitals. Also, we should mention that Canden is an affordable place.

Beach Haven

One of the nicest places in New Jersey for senior citizens is Beach Haven. It is like a small piece of paradise. Beach Haven is a small town, located in Ocean County and the people are very friendly, welcoming, and nice. A huge number of retirees live here because it is like a vacation 24/7. You deserved it after all those years of working and taking care of your family. If you want a strong sense of community, move to Beach Haven, NJ.


Trenton is a bigger place in New Jersey, so it has something for all types of retirees – something for everyone. Museums, parks, beautiful nature. You can stay active because there are plenty of fun things to do in Trenton. You cannot be bored here. Seniors are not the only population that lives in Trenton. Here are kids, young professionals, and teens. Also, it is a diverse place, based on ethnic and economic diversity.

How to move long-distance as a senior?

How to make your long-distance relocation as a senior simple and easy? Is it possible? Yes, it is when you have some help by your side. You can reach your new home easily when moving to New Jersey if you hire a professional moving company. They have experience and knowledge. Carrying and lifting heavy items can be very dangerous for you.

Packing for moving to one of the best places in New Jersey for senior citizens.

Get help with packing and moving to New Jersey

Avoid moving injuries and ask professional packers to do all the hard work instead of you. Packing, unpacking, and transporting, that will all be done. If you have medical equipment, find a company that has experience.

Settle in with ease

After moving to a new place, it is time to settle in and adjust to a new home according to your wishes and needs. Learn more about interior designs for seniors and decorate your new home. It is the fun part of the moving process.

There are so many places in New Jersey for senior citizens that offer different housing options. Did you think about the type of senior housing and how do you want to live? Some of the options you have are aging in place, housing sharing, independent living communities, assisted living, life plan communities, and subsidized housing.


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