Some people say that the most exciting part of college is packing. It can be if you look at it from a different perspective. When packing for college, you are packing everything you need in order to start a brand new life. Moreover, you will leave behind ‘the old you’ and everything that stood for. Packing for college is a big deal. And when people start thinking about it, things get complicated and future students become nervous and even more stressful than before. Do not worry! It is a completely normal thing. Luckily, there are many things to do when you start packing for college that will make your life easier. So, without further ado, let us help you pack!

Know-How Much Space You Have to Work With

One thing is for sure, as a student, you will have to adjust to tiny living. Whether you are planning to live in a dorm, or to share an apartment with a roommate or two, or even to live in a sorority or fraternity house – you will be living tiny. So, it is of key importance to find your accommodation before the moving day. And, what is more, know what the dimensions of your new room are as well as is there enough closet space. When you know all these things, it will be much easier for you when you start packing for college. Just make sure not to overpack. After all, you will probably end up living on the campus or somewhere in the student town where you can buy pretty much anything you need. Also, do some researching and try to find some storage solutions for your small space problem.

A dorm room

Dorm rooms are always small and modest. Never overpack, there will be no place to put your precious things.

Packing Clothes

Packing clothes largely depends on the place where you will be living, the number of times you plan on coming home and the new climate. Do research on the weather in your new city and start packing for college accordingly. Also, it is a good idea not to bring all your clothes with you in fall when you enroll. Most likely you will be coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, so you can take your winter clothes then. And when it comes to necessities, you need to bring a ton of undergarments, warmer weather clothes, and a couple of cozy layering pieces. Also, bring at least one jacket in case it gets cold in the evening. Do not forget to bring at least one fancy outfit. And, if you usually wear cozy things like yoga pants, sweaters, and sneakers, bring a lot of those too. Before packing for college, you must decide what is worth packing, and what will you leave behind.

Packing Things For Sleep

Let us talk about dorm mattresses first. Besides being short and narrow, everybody complains that they are very uncomfortable. So, in order to save your sleep and you back, consider buying one of those layering pieces. Bear in mind that they can be very expensive. What you can do instead, is to bring extra blankets to sleep on. Moreover, bring your own sheets, pillowcases and a couple of pillows. They always come in handy as you will be using them as tables, extra seats and who knows what more. Last but not least, bring headphones and earplugs. Dorm rooms are full of students, loud students. Sometimes you will not be able to fall asleep at all because of it. Earplugs and headphones are a game-changer. And, when packing things for sleep, you do not need to bring your thick comforter as it will be warm until the New Year. You can get those winter beddings when you go back home for Christmas.

A girl reading in bed

When packing things for sleeping to bring at your dorm, bring all the things you would you as at home.

Packing Things For The Bathroom

First things first, when packing for college, bathroom or shower shoes are a must. And it is usually the first thing that most students forget to pack. In campuses and dorms, many students share the same bathroom, and those are bathrooms that are never completely clean. You should never go to the students’ bathroom barefoot. Then, bear in mind that you will have limited storage so that you cannot bring every lotion, haircare and skincare product. When you run out of one, you can easily replace it. Moreover, many students say that it is better to buy those huge shampoos, conditioners, washes, and lotions. If you use small bottles, you will be going to the store every week. Last but not least, bring towels, a lot of towels!

A woman in robe

Do not forget to bring a bathrobe and a shower cap as well.

Packing Things for Food

When packing for college, you will need to have some things for preparing food in your room. You can not constantly eat out or in the cafeteria. So, if you are living with a roommate, you must contact him or her, and decide who is bringing what. When it comes to appliances, you most certainly need a mini-fridge and a microwave. Sometimes you do not even have to buy one, but rent it from your dorm, as many offer that possibility. Either way, talk to your roommate and make sure that you will not bring double things which you can not store afterward. Then, if you want to save money and not buy water bottles every day, buy a water pitcher or refillable water bottles. Each dorm and campus have a water fountain, so you can refill water from there any time. Lastly bring plastic plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives and a microwave mug for your tea or coffee.


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