Are you considering moving to Phoenix? You’re in the right place. Continue reading to learn all the features of this exciting city, everyday life, but more importantly, how to make your own life a lot easier during the move.
Everyone knows that moving is a stressful experience. There’s just too much to think about: deciding on the location, packing, traveling, unpacking, settling, calculating… The list goes on and on. You will not want to make the mistake of thinking you can do everything on your own. Also, you’ll need a solid plan. You’ll find all the tips and tricks in this guide.

Think about the storage options and packing strategy

When we think about it, it seems that moving from and to an apartment is a lot easier than changing houses. Naturally, apartments are smaller, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, even the apartments, although smaller than a house, can be problematic when it comes to relocation. So, regardless of the type of home you currently have and the one you’ve chosen for moving to Phoenix, Arizona, you might want to consider renting residential storage facilities.

This option is a smart solution to the problem of storing your larger items until you’re ready to place them in the new home. You can rent a storage space for longer or shorter time, and take care of the other things knowing that your belongings are in a safe place. When you know how to properly use the storage unit when moving, you can take that advantage and have a relaxed and easy relocation.

Packing tips

While you’re getting ready for living in Phoenix, opt for smart packing. Don’t just pack it all in boxes; instead, try to come up with a system: bring, donate, toss, or sell. This will help declutter the new space and allow you to get rid of the things you probably haven’t needed in years but kept around anyway. It’s very important to decide what to pack and what to leave behind when you’re moving to Phoenix.

There’s no place like home

Dorothy said it, and it’s very very true. That’s why you need to choose carefully when you decide to move to Phoenix, Arizona. Truth be told, condos and houses aren’t of the cheapest kind, as it is in every city, but if you do your research well and economize, it should turn out great.

There are plenty of neighborhoods to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for in your residence area. When picking the right one, bear in mind all your demands: schools, the university, job proximity, malls, how crowded it is. The two most popular ones are Arcadia and North Tempe.


Your new keys - welcome to Phoenix!

It’s important to find a home to suit all your needs.


Moving to Phoenix – what’s to know?

Since you’re about to live in Phoenix, you’ll need to be prepared for a variety of situations typical for this area. These may be a dealbreaker for some people. Make sure you’re educated enough before taking such a big step.

The weather

Living in Phoenix might be a curse or a blessing, depending on what kind of weather suits you best. If you’re the type who enjoys walks on the rain or wearing a hoodie at all times, perhaps you should reconsider. But if you’re into walking on sunshine at all times, wait no more! The average temperature here is around 99F (37C), and if you do see some rain, it’s going to be only a couple of times a year. Carry sunblock, a lot of water at all times, and never leave pets or babies in the car!


Cactus - Moving to Phoenix means you'll be seeing cacti all the time

Not an unusual view in the Phoenix area


The animals you might encounter if you move to Phoenix

Let’s face it – this area is known for its animals. And we don’t mean puppies and kittens. Living in Phoenix, chances are you’ll have a close encounter with some scorpions, big spiders, bees, even fire ants. Learning a thing or two about these fellas is a must.


Finally, something completely positive, huh? This city is famous for its appreciation for Mexican food. If you’re a foodie, you’re going to have some fun adventures exploring the best restaurants and trying to find your favorite taco place. This is not to say you can’t find anything else – on the contrary! The city boasts a wide variety of cuisines, such as Asian, Italian, or classic American. If you move to Phoenix, your favorite question is going to be: ”What’s for dinner?”

Living in Phoenix: multiple cultures with various food

A variety of cuisines typical for Phoenix


What’s great about living in Phoenix is that the city caters to all. Single, the two of you, the whole family – you’ll always find something fun to do.
Here’s a list of activities to try after you move to Phoenix:

  • Water parks. This is a must on dry, hot days!
  • The zoo.
  • The art museum.
  • Arizona Center for Nature Conservation.
  • Desert botanical gardens – moving to Phoenix doesn’t mean seeing only the desert!

What will you do?

It’s possible that you’re moving to Phoenix because of a job. In that case, check out our advice on job relocation.

On the other hand, you might be searching for a job. Lucky for you, Phoenix boasts a great job market, so there’s a high chance you’ll end up doing what you’re trained for. Try social media communities for information.

Getting around

There are people who are good with orientation in space, and those who are not. Moving to Phoenix, Arizona (one of the largest USA cities) means you won’t be able to just walk from A to B.
Luckily, public transportation is very well organized. In addition to this, it’s pretty affordable, considering that the majority of people use it several times a day, seven days a week. Prefer your own car? Remember you’ll have to update your license, and don’t forget to bring proof of residence and your ID.

It’s good to know prior to moving to Phoenix

Although it’s a desert city, it doesn’t mean living in Phoenix is all dry land and tumbleweed. There are many green areas, and with some education, you can have a garden too!

Fan of road trips? Good news: you’re only several hours away from Las Vegas, Mexico, and California! For those seeking adventure and visiting new places, this will be an ideal location to live. Moving to Phoenix means you’re in for a great deal of fun and enjoyment (as long as you bring that water bottle).


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