Having a family means only wanting the best for them. One of the most important things is that you live in a good place. There are plenty of amazing states to choose from when living in the US, which makes making the decision of where to move to with your family hard. There are plenty of things you need to consider before deciding on relocating, especially if moving long-distance. This is why you will have to do plenty of research on what are some of the best places in the US for family life. We can tell you this, California has plenty of them. There are dozens of amazing towns and cities in California were moving with a family is nothing but a great idea. And one of them is Alhambra. Alhambra is a small town but has plenty to offer. It is a great place for family life. If you don’t know much about Alhambra, you are in the right place. Here is where you will find out just what is it that makes Alhambra a great place for family life and why moving here is a good idea.

Amazing location

Let us start by telling you that the location of the town itself is just what makes it amazing for family life. It is located just outside of Los Angeles. Plenty of people move here because living here allows you to work in LA but still have some peace and quiet.

Los Angeles skyline.

There are plenty of towns around Los Angeles where moving to would be a great idea. Alhambra is one of the best ones!

Los Angeles is a big city with plenty of people. This means that it is not the ideal place for raising children. It isn’t a safe city at all. But living in one of the cities around it is much safer. Especially when you have children. Smaller towns have a close-knit community which is the case with Alhambra. There are plenty of people living in Alhambra and its location is not the only reason why this is so. Alhambra is a suburb in a way. And moving to the suburbs has its pros and cons but moving to Alhambra has mostly pros.

Housing options

Not only is Alhambra located in a good location but it is also a good location for buying a home. There are a couple of reasons why this is so. The first one would be the fact that the average price for a home in Alhambra is not as big as one might think it is. Alhambra is pretty affordable when compared to other towns nearby. The average home price in Alhambra is around $750,000. This is a big price to pay for a home but when you gather all the facts about Alhambra, it makes it a good investment. This is why a lot of people are moving here as well.

Houses in LA from above.

There are plenty of homes to choose from when moving to Alhambra.

One of many reasons why investing in property here is a good idea is the fact that the housing prices here are only going to keep growing. This means that in a few years, your home will be worth a lot more. And you will surely decide to move locally after a couple of years once you get to know your surroundings and options much better. And when the time for that comes, assistance is around the corner.

But a lot of people who are living here are actually renting their homes. It is much more affordable even though it isn’t an investment. And most people who live here are young people who are planning on moving after a couple of years or even months.

Plenty of things to do nearby

A very important thing when searching for a great place for family life is that there are options when it comes to where you can go and what you can do with your family. And one of the best things about Alhambra is that there are plenty of things that you can do together as a family. After you transfer your belongings trouble-free to your new home and settle in, the best thing to do is to start exploring Alhambra. There will be plenty of time for exploring LA and it is not what you should be doing first.

Getting to know your surroundings when you have children is important. And the best way to do that is to take a walk through the town. Luckily, the weather in LA is mostly nice and warm which means that no matter when you move to Alhambra, you will be able to start exploring it right away. There are plenty of parks here where you can go all together as a family. But there are plenty of restaurants and diners here as well that you and your family will love. You can go golfing, play tennis, go swimming, hiking, climbing. There are plenty of options here which is why moving with children to Alhambra is a great idea.


When looking for a great place for family life you are mostly looking to make it better for your children. And one of the most important things is education. You need to have options when it comes to where your child is going to get educated. And Alhambra is the best place for this reason as well. There are plenty of schools here to choose from. And all of them have great ratings. But even if you don’t manage to find one in the town, there are plenty of them in other towns around Alhambra. And commuting here is easy as well as there are public transportation options.


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