Hi, there you beginner. So you’ve decided to move to Miami. Not a huge surprise there to be honest. A lot of people are drawn into the sunny beaches and the nightlife. Although with its flaws, Miami is a dream location for most people. The weather is good, the sights are amazing and it fulfills the dream life of the majority. Just an option of going to the beach every single day is enough to choose it as your next place to live. If you decided on relocating to Miami, you need to be thoroughly prepared and know what you are getting into. After you plan for everything, execution is just as important. We have compiled a guide on how to move to Miami for you with all the details needed for a successful relocation. We consider it the ultimate moving strategy. Without further ado, let’s go into a Miami relocation.

Preparation for relocating to Miami

Before moving to Miami, you need to know all the possible details. It will just be a lot easier to settle in your new life if you. Make sure to prepare everything, and especially prepare your items for safe transportation. Fortunately, we took all the things you need to know, chewed it up, and presented it for you here.

Woman holding a box when relocating to Miami.

If you’re relocating to Miami, you need to prepare accordingly. Do not take moving too easily, it will come back heavy.

Housing costs

As you might imagine, it’s pretty expensive. If you want to rent a one bedroom apartment in the city center it will set you back $1,849 a month. A 3 bedroom apartment goes around $3,232. Yup, you read that right. If you are willing to commute a little bit, prices outside of the center for a one and three bedroom apartments go for $1,317 and $2,129 respectively. On average, living in Miami will cost you 30% more than in Paris or Toronto. It’s not the most expensive city to live on the east coast, New York still holds that title being 50% more expensive than Miami. Housing costs are something that you must consider wondering should you move to Miami.

Food and Transportation

The cost of living in Miami is a lot. It’s just a lot. Currently, it sits at the 34th most expensive city to live in the world. If you wanted to have a meal at an inexpensive restaurant it will cost you $16.00, while a three-course meal for two goes for $72.50. Some of the regular groceries such as milk, eggs, a loaf of bread and rice will set you back $1.02, $3.13, $3.01, and $4.94 respectfully. In regards to transportation, a one-way ticket for local transport costs $2.25 and a taxi starts at $2.75 and goes for $1.86 for each subsequent km. These are one of the most important Miami moving tips you can get. Any guide on how to move to Miami cannot be without key statistics and costs you will have.


City streets

How much transportation costs is something you need to know before asking yourself should you move to Miami.

Preparation for your move

Now that you’re prepared for how much living in Miami costs, it’s key to prepare for your actual move. The first thing you need to do is make a list of everything you need to move. Knowing exactly what to pack and what to leave behind is key. This will make your move a lot easier. It will be easier to get accurate moving quotes from companies as well. After you choose everything you want to move, you need to pick a date as well for your Miami relocation. It does not have to be perfect, but it should fit your schedule. Additionally, leave some room for mistakes. You need to be flexible on your moving day. Perhaps your movers will be late, or something might happen that will hinder your plans. You need to account for this as well.

Executing relocating to Miami

Everything is planned and accounted for and it’s all set in motion. Now you need to execute. A lot of times we plan accordingly, but the execution is where we lack. This can not happen during the move. Although it’s true that careful planning will lead to success, you can mess up everything if you do not make the right choices. Relocating to Miami can be a horrible experience if you do not go over this the right way.

Choosing the right moving company

This is key as you might imagine. Hiring someone you know will do the job in the best way possible will greatly impact your chances of a successful moving to Miami. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that either does not know what they’re doing or have bad intentions. Obviously, you want to avoid these. If you read online reviews, you can see how things can get worse if you go this route. Your stuff can be stolen or go missing, they can be late or not show up at all, options are limitless. Fortunately for you, there’s a lot of resources out there that can help you choose the best option. You can check the experiences of people who used their services in the past, see if they are fully licensed and insured, even see their previous claim history.

Check these Websites if you want to determine if a company is the best fit for what you want to achieve during your move:

  • Better Business Bureau – you can see reviews, claim history and general information about a particular company. No Miami moving tips article can go without this.
  • Yelp – Among all review Websites, Yelp has the most credibility. See what their previous clients say about them by checking their reviews before relocating to Miami.
  • US Department of Transportation – See if they have a license and if they are properly insured by visiting this governing body’s Website. You need to think about moving insurance and your safety when deciding to move.


An office full of chairs.

Choosing the right moving company is the best chance you can get in having a successful move.

Deciding on your budget when relocating to Miami

You need to know how much you want to spend before getting quotes from various companies. If you do not know what your budget is, you can not pick the right company. Make sure to know exactly how much it is you are spending before finalizing everything. Another important thing to mention is the fact that you should not choose relocating to Miami as the next activity where you can save money. You can definitely find discounts when moving but do not make it the main strategy. I know it makes sense to save everywhere you can, but moving can really come back to haunt you if you go for a cheap company. I hate to use the phrase “what you pay is what you get” but it’s true. Especially in moving. If you go with a cheap company you might regret asking should you move to Miami?


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