When it comes to a self-storage unit, it comes useful in many ways. Many people rely on storage spaces for safe keeping of their items, either for a short time or a longer span of time. Whatever your purpose of a self-storage unit might be, it is important to maintain organization and cleanliness. Is your storage space too packed and unorganized? Do you know where to start? If your answers require assistance, then continue reading for our simple guide to cleaning out a storage unit efficiently. 

Self-Storage Unit

It is very essential to keep a self-storage unit organized. It is beneficial for both the owner of the unit and for the items. For example, if your unit is organized and has some order, whenever you need something it will be easy to find and retrieve. In case of emergencies, it would be smart to have important items within easy reach.

Two decorative baskets for various items.
Maintaining organization in a storage unit is the one thing that will make cleaning and safe-keeping easier.

Meanwhile, for items that are being stored for a while, it’s important for them to be packed properly. For more fragile items or things that have more value, it would be a good idea to pack well so that they can maintain their current state for a long time. Another tip for your self-storage unit is to keep an inventory of what you are storing. This way, you can maintain an organized flow of what’s in there. Also, heavier items should be stacked on the bottom, and you should try and stack lighter items on top of those. 

Guide to Cleaning

A lot of times, we put away certain things we have to do, either because we don’t have the time or we are simply lazy. One tip to share with you when it comes to cleaning out a self-storage unit is that you have to be in the state of mind for it. It is not an easy task to clean out an entire unit and reorganize it, therefore be motivated for it and ready to tackle this task. 

A checklist as good organization is essential when cleaning out a self-storage unit.
A checklist will help you stay on track and complete everything in a timely manner.

What might help you out throughout this process to stay organized is a good cleaning plan and a timeline. With the plan, you can stay on track and complete task by task. Meanwhile, a timeline will keep you on schedule. For example, if you want to finish cleaning in a certain time period, both the plan and a timeline will ensure the likeliness of that. 

Prepare & Declutter

Next, we suggest getting ready before anything. Don’t go to your storage space half ready. Therefore, gather all of the cleaning supplied you might need beforehand. Also, ask a family member or a friend to help you out if they have the time. Having someone help you possible lifting and shifting could make things faster and easier overall. 

An open cardboard box.
Label your boxes to know what is being places where.

Then, that inventory list we mentioned prior could come in handy now. Keep it on you so that you can edit it if need be. While you are cleaning out your self-storage unit, consider how much of that stuff you want to keep and what you might want to get rid of. Sometimes, putting things away for a while will make you realize whether you actually need them or want them. Therefore, do a little bit of decluttering while cleaning out. 

As you begin to clean and declutter, set aside boxes for different categories. Dedicate a box for items being kept, another box for items being tossed, and even a box for things you might want to try and sell. This will be very helpful when it comes to maintaining organization throughout cleaning out. 

Clean, Clean & Clean

Once all the items are taken out and categorized, the self-storage unit will be much easier to clean. An open space will allow you to finish cleaning faster and better. You could start by sweeping and dusting. A lot of dust can accumulate in a storage space, therefore focus on all areas evenly as you want to place your belongings back into a clean space. 

An illustration od cleaning supplies one needs for cleaning out a self-storage unit.
Bring anything and everything you think you might need on cleaning day.

Another great idea for once you are done cleaning inside is to reorganize the layout of your storage unit. Move things around a bit, and change the way things are laid out. For example, to avoid permanent creasing in a carpet, refold it the other way for better safe-keeping. Also, dust and wipe the items before placing them back in their appropriate boxes. 

Moreover, when it comes to boxes, for items being kept longterm, it would be better to use plastic as opposed to cardboard. Plastic is much easier to clean and it will maintain the value of your items much more efficiently. 

Stay Organized 

What will make cleaning easier next time? The answer is simple-maintaining organization throughout time. For example, layout your self-storage unit in a way that it makes sense but also makes things easier. Don’t stack items in an unorganized manner so that you can’t even reach them when need be. Always keep a path open towards the boxes more to the back, that way you can clean a little every time you visit. Maintaining the storage space little by little will always make the big cleaning simpler and less dreadful. 


Overall, the idea behind any type of space is that maintaining some type of order in-between visits will help keep it cleaner over time. The most important tip to keep in mind is to simply, and we cannot emphasize this enough, stay organized. Having a storage space that is hoarded with things and possible junk will only make the cleaning process that much more difficult and complex. However, if you always stick to your plan and keep an inventory list, you can always have a visual in your head. Your self-storage unit is somewhat an extension of your home. Therefore, organize it well enough, keep it clean and take care of it so that in return your items maintain their state and value. 


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