There are a few ways when organizing supplies in your self-storage unit is in question. Whether your self-storage unit is short-term on longterm, it is important to keep it organized. Whatever the size of the unit, it will be easier if you can maneuver around it and always find what you need. Therefore, continue reading as we will help you organize your belongings in your storage unit. 

Self-Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is useful for multiple reasons. You can store items you don’t need at the time and declutter your current home. In addition, you could use it as space to temporarily store items when moving. Whatever your reason and usage might be, the key to both the longevity of your items and maintaining the organization is proper inventory and efficient packing

A box with toys on a trolley in a self-storage unit.
Consider the size of the storage unit you will need before you start packing.

Tips for Organizing

As we have mentioned, having a proper inventory of what you have in your self-storage unit is important. This is one of the best ways of organizing supplies in your self-storage unit. You might have some items stored for years at a time, and an inventory list will help keep you informed at all times. As you make your inventory list when preparing your self-storage unit, perhaps jot down whether some items will be packed and stored together.

A teddy bear in a hall after organizing supplies in your self-storage unit has been completed.
Maintain organization within your storage unit with an inventory list and proper labelling.

If you happen to be relying on boxes or containers, labeling will be the difference between organization and chaos. While doing inventory, maybe place stickers on your packing boxes where you can write exactly what’s in there. When you happen to stack boxes on top of each other, it will be beneficial to know what’s within reach and what you might have to move to get whatever you are looking for. In addition, place heavier items on the bottom to avoid damaging your belongings. An organized layout within the space will benefit you later on. 

Organized Storage

Your overall storage efficiency simply depends on how organized you are. In addition, for more important items, consider using clear containers instead of cardboard boxes. This will make it easier to spot whatever you need without going through every list and each box individually. Moreover, for items and supplies you know you will need more frequently, store them at the front or within reach. You never know whether you will need something in a hurry, therefore eliminate wasting time ahead of time. 

Meanwhile, another tip is to consider the space you will need. Before you start organizing your self-storage unit, take into consideration the size of the unit. In addition, think ahead as you might need more space down the road. We recommend getting somewhat of a bigger space just in case, as long as it fits within your budget. Hence, before making that inventory list, choose the appropriate unit.


Overall, it comes down to relying on your plan, creating lists and remembering to label everything. Writing things down will keep your self-storage unit and yourself organized in the end. As long as you can maintain organization every time you go in and out of your storage unit, you will be able to maintain a well-organized space.


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