Are you wondering where in the USA should you settle? Most folks nowadays choose smaller cities as the location of their new homes. That should come as no surprise. Overcrowded, busy cities no longer have the magic to draw people in. Idaho is one of the states people all around the USA are finding their much-needed peace. With a population of fewer than 2 million folks, it surely isn’t populated enough to cause panic among newcomers. In the article below, we’ll show you some small Idaho cities newcomers love moving to. Although some cities we’ll be unjustly left out, we hope you’ll find this list most satisfying. Stay tuned for some helpful info.


Located on the shore of Idaho’s largest lake, Sandpoint is a dream come true for many nature lovers all around the country. Just take a look at the featured image of this article. The beautiful town you’re looking at is Sandpoint. Local folks say it’s a place where everyone knows everyone, and where the sense of community is valued highly. Also, the town is known to have a wide offer of parks and coffee shops, young folks will surely enjoy. There’s no going wrong with this one. Make sure you take it into consideration while choosing your new home.

A fascinating rock formation outside Sandpoint, Idaho.
If you love beautiful outdoor landscapes, moving to Sandpoint, Idaho might be the best decision you’ve made so far.


If you’re the family-oriented type of person, Eagle is definitely a place for you. According to some experts, Eagle is the best place to raise a family in the whole state. You’ll agree that’s something, right? Don’t worry about your children’s education. The public school system in Eagle is top-notch, it has a very high rating. If find any of this attractive, and we believe you do, let’s talk about how you can easily relocate to Eagle. The area is home to the best moving crews in this part of the country. If you need any help while moving in, find assistance around the corner. It’s so easy you won’t even notice you’ve already settled in Eagle. And a cool fact for wine lovers: the local wine scene is just amazing. Make sure you don’t miss out on it.


It probably isn’t the best way to start talking about a town, but Ketchum is the place where Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in 1961. Literature enthusiasts will find this information thrilling. Hem bought a house in Ketchum in 1959 and lived there for two years before doing what he did. Let’s move on to some brighter info, shall we? If you’re a family-oriented person you’ll enjoy Ketchum as much as Eagle. The place has fantastic cuisine, guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding food aficionados. The area is also known for its low crime rates and reputable public schools. You won’t have to worry about your family’s safety or your children’s safe upbringing.


Wine lovers are also welcome here. If you’re on the lookout for a town with a great story about its name, then look no further. Let’s hear about it then? In the 19th century, folks going to Middleton or Boise used the star on the local schooling facility to find east and west. That’s how Star was born. See what we did there? Sorry. Since Star is pretty close to Eagle, it’s easy to guess what you can expect if you decide to move there. You’re absolutely right, it’s the top-notch moving services. Just like in Eagle, certified teams are at your disposal whenever you need them. Also, when in Star, you’ll be able to enjoy some fine concerts at the Ford Idaho Center. There’s wine, there’s good music. What more could you possibly need?

A selection of wines. One of the small Idaho cities newcomers love are Eagle and Star. They're well-known for their wine scene.
Wine lovers will enjoy Star and Eagle. Also, both places have top-notch moving crews ready to help you settle down in Idaho as smoothly as possible.


This one’s probably one of the most beautiful small towns in the West. The whole city is on the National Historic Register, and that means something. Also, it was dubbed as The Center Of The Universe in 2004. Now, when you have that kind of community (promoting itself as the center of the universe) you can expect some great fun in Wallace, Idaho. Located in Shoshone County, Wallace is close to some fantastic outdoor nature. The locals say the winters here are pretty picturesque and will satisfy most nature fans. Wallace rightly deserves its place on the list of the small Idaho cities newcomers love.


Last but not least, Weiser is a gem of a city. If you’re a senior, then Weiser being the number one place to retire in Idaho is a piece of information you’ll surely find most interesting. It’s also probably one of the safest towns in the area. The locals are known to be very hospitable, taking care of everything a newcomer needs. The city’s located on the border with Oregon and is not that far from the state’s capital, Boise, where you’ll find professionals to help you move in. Feel free to check out the guys called Peasley Transfer & Storage, experts in the field. It’s safe to say you’ll have a first-hand experience with Idaho hospitality once you hire these folks.

Moving to Idaho was never easier. You’ll feel relaxed like the person in the picture once you hire the right people to help you move in.

A quick recap

So, that’s about it. These were some of the small Idaho cities newcomers love and find most charming. Of course, Idaho is home to many charming small cities that could fit the format of this article. This was our selection. It was a tough one, believe us. Hopefully, it was just enough for you to make a decision considering your move to this beautiful US state. You know what to expect: friendly small communities, beautiful nature, fantastic food and wine, and many more. Let’s not forget you won’t have trouble finding the right kind of moving service provider.

Thank you for reading. Best of luck with your future endeavors.


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