Old age comes with a whole new different set of priorities. Some of the small Texas cities that are becoming popular among millennials seem like paradise once retirement strikes in.

As much as you would be in a rush to trade your working clothes for the ultimate vacation of retirement, be cautious. Dealing with fraudulent moving companies has become sort of a trend lately, as more and more people are victims of ingenious scams. These online thieves have come up with this clever method of advertising for moving companies that do not exist. They are coming to your location, put your belongings in a van and there they are, gone forever. Make sure you get some referrals before embarking on such an apparently easy but often treacherous journey. Always but always ask for documentation and ids of the moving company you are signing the contract with.

Texas flag painted on a barn in one of the Small Texas cities that are becoming popular among millennials

“A born Texan has instilled in his system a mindset of no retreat or no surrender.”

We have come up with this list of these 9 small Texas cities that are becoming popular among millennials to help you make a mental picture of it:


Relatively close to San Antonio, Bandera is also known as “The Cowboy Capital of the World”. It has one of the oldest Museums in the whole of Texas: the Frontier Times Museum. Also, one of the oldest churches in the state lies here: Saint Stanislaus Catholic Church, built at the end of the 19th Century.


Part of the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, “Old Towne Katy“ is located approximately 30 miles away from Houston. It has a humid subtropical climate, with hot humid summers and mild to cool winters. Some of the important corporations are headquartered in the close proximity of Katy, making it a strategic hub for businesses as well. They also have their own annual celebration here, which is the Katy Rice Harvest Festival. Professional movers are going to help you move here from any part of the state in no time. Think about sending a request for a free quote to some of the top-rated companies.


Founded in the early 19th century by German immigrants, it has kept lots of European traditions intact for the connoisseurs. It is often referred to as “The Home of German Culture in America”. This is because in this adorable town you can even have a taste of their tasty food while drinking a pint of their finest beer.

Texas specific farm with a landscape of green nature.

Texas is neither southern nor western. Texas is Texas.

Port Isabel

Situated in close proximity to the sea, Port Isabel is located right next to the Mexican border. It is the only town in Texas with its own lighthouse. If you are a seafood lover, you need to know that the one they are serving here is said to be mega tasty. In case you are planning to move here soon, remember to always get a precise moving estimate. As we have mentioned at the beginning of the article, some moving companies have hidden agendas, meaning that it`s better to settle everything and make it as transparent as it can possibly be from the start.


Converse is just 20 miles away from San Antonio, which is the place where “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels grew up. Just a random fact in case you are a wrestling lover. Converse is part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area and it has a population of almost 20,000 inhabitants. It`s a small town which gives you the peace you would need in order to relax after a rough day at work. But it`s also a great place for business due to its proximity to San Antonio. Reach your new home safely by hiring reliable movers that are going to make sure you`re going to have a successful moving day.


Located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Rockport is a town full of history. The architecture is impressive, so don`t wonder too much in case you find yourself wandering too much around it. Same like in Port Isabel mentioned earlier, the seafood is great here. Rockport is home to one of the largest living oak trees in the U.S. It is one of the small Texas cities that are becoming popular among millennials, but youngsters should also consider it. It`s really a town that doesn`t lack fun activities so you won`t get bored for sure.


Located almost halfway between Austin and Dallas, Salado is indeed a hidden gem of Texas. Here you can spend time in a productive and heart-filling way. Either choosing to explore the Royal Street District with lots of art galleries telling tales of local history. Or why not get the taste of the positive vibes and also wines that are made in this specific region. A pretty popular game to play around here is golf. They have a big golf center here suitable for newbies and also for experts. So don`t feel shy to ask for guidance and pay for a course in case you are over par on each hole. Soon enough you`ll be going for a birdie.

Tall builings of Dallas in broad daylight.

Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas after Houston and San Antonio.


Even though it`s a small town, Alpine has lots of attractions available. There are many things to see here. They even have 2 museums: the historic Brewster County Courthouse and Jail and the Museum of the Big Bend. Hancock Hill is known for its lovely views and it`s in close proximity to Big Bend National Park.


Popular for its country music, Luckenbach is definitely part of our list of small Texas cities that are becoming popular among millennials. Some of the retirees are moving here especially for catching shows here after a lifetime of being country fans. State to State Move has all it takes in order to move your belongings there in no time. Give them a call and ask for an estimate.

There are so many small Texas cities that are becoming popular among millennials which are list-worthy. But we hope we have chosen the best 9 for your comfort. The next thing to do would be to make some research on how to choose the best storage for your needs. This is definitely going to help in case you have lots of things and you want to work stress-free and take your time while rearranging them at your new location.


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