Let’s say you’ve bought your first guitar. You’re living in an apartment building and you have no room to practice anywhere else. You need headphones, right? Imagine you have a neighbor living next door that still hasn’t heard of headphones. Even though you have mentioned them to him a couple of times. You’ve tried talking and it didn’t work out. Having bad neighbors is always a challenge. What can you do? Well, for example, you can make your apartment soundproof. Of course, you don’t want to spend a fortune because someone else didn’t learn yet how to be conscious of other people. Maybe you can make a soundproof room by yourself with limited help from professionals? To answer that question read the article below.

Egg carton
When one thinks of noise reduction – this is the image that pops up

What’s that noise?

We all want some peace and quiet in our homes. First of all – you need to locate the source of the sound. Do you want to reduce the noise coming in from the street, the apartment downstairs, or your next-door neighbor’s living room? It may seem like a stupid suggestion, but it can help you choose the best materials for your DIY soundproof room. For example, you can reduce the noise coming in from outside through your window by hanging thick curtains. Easy as that.

A hole in the wall

Once you’ve located the source of the noise it’s time to do something about it. It’s the neighbors next door. Make sure to check the walls for any gaps or weak spots and use an acoustic sealant to cover them up. If the noise is coming from the downstairs apartment, placing a heavy rug will serve you well. Also, you can add a pad under the rug, reducing additional noise with the minimal amount of space used. More and more people are using white noise in their fight with unwanted sounds. Be sure to check that out.

Wall blankets

Sounds quite silly, right? The only time you’ve seen wall rugs or carpets was when you watched a documentary on living in post-Soviet Russia. Covering the sound source with blankets will drastically reduce noise. You can also move your furniture to the spot. Upholstered furniture is a great sound absorber. Also – bookcases. Remember that. You can also find some cheap soundproofing foam.

Couch sofa with brown wooden legs
Furniture is a great noise absorber

Keeping the sound in

In this case, you’re a good community member. You don’t want your neighbors to hear you every time you sing that weird song of yours. So, you need to keep the sound in. You need to cover all sides of the room the same way you’d cover unwanted sound sources. Blankets, as always, are the easiest and cheapest way you can do it. The thing is – keeping the sound in will not only make your neighbors happy, but it will also give you a great sense of personal freedom inside your own home. Like it should in the first place. Nothing’s keeping you from making yourself a soundproof room. Now you know how it’s done. Best of luck.


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