No matter how much we try to be minimalistic, we usually fail to do so. We just keep on buying stuff  – stuff we absolutely do not need! Some stuff we buy as it makes our life easier, some just because we loved it in a store, and some for no reason. But, at the end of the day, that is all okay. You do you! However, if you go overboard and buy more stuff than your home can actually handle, you better start looking for storage ideas for stuff that’s always in the way. And, be prepared as that is much easier said than done. Luckily, we are here to help you out! We prepared some interesting and creative storage ideas that will, hopefully, help you stay organized and save that much-needed space. Thus, if this is something that interests you, well, just keep on reading.

Use That Space Next to the Refrigerator

Do you know that vertical, open space next to your refrigerator that keeps on collecting dust and dirt? The one that just keeps on annoying you as nothing can be done with it (and as it looks just too hideous)? Of course, you do! Most people who don’t have custom-built kitchens know what we are talking about. So, instead of looking for a storage facility or a storage warehouse for your stuff, try this storage tip instead. Use the space between your refrigerator and the wall to build a very tall, narrow storage cart that can be pulled out when necessary. There, you can store your cans, bottles, and other ‘smallish’ groceries that you use every day. You can even store kitchen stuff such as glasses, mugs, etc.

A cluttered kitchen the right storage ideas might reorganize

Do not clutter your kitchen when you have so many storage ideas available.

Pretend Pull-Out Drawers

Speaking of great storage ideas, have you heard of the so-called pretend pull-out drawers? Of course, you have heard of the real pull-out drawers, the ones that can be found in almost every kitchen. But, the problem with these drawers is that there are too few of them. Most kitchens have only 4 or 5. The rest are cabinets.  Although cabinets are great, sometimes they are impractical when it comes to storing. Ideally, you can store only a couple of pots or a couple of groceries per one cabinet. If you try to add something more than that, you will just create one big, unorganized, chaotic mess.

This can be solved by adding plastic bins on the bottom of your cabinet, filling them with whatever you need, and pulling them out when necessary. Just think about the time and energy you will save by not having to remove all the items that are in the front in order to reach the items that are in the back. However,  make sure to buy the right kinds of plastic bins! If you do not know where to find them, feel free to ask experts from Golans Moving and Storage. They can give you advice on packing supplies as well as on storing certain items. 

Think – Above

People usually do not take advantage of the ‘higher’ areas of their homes just because they are a bit harder to reach. So, they end up with empty spaces above their cabinets, closets, wardrobes, shelves, etc. However, you would be surprised at how much space you would be able to gain just by creating a storage space above the previously mentioned areas. You can put items on the tops of your cabinets and closets, or you can create a shelf and organize it just as you would organize any storage space. Of course, there, you should put only the items you rarely use – seasonal items, guest items, etc.

Another great idea is to put books above your closets or to put jars with extra food above your cabinets – this way, you are not only going to gain a lot of space but you will also make everything look a lot cozier.

Jars on wooden shelves.

You should always use the space above your cabinets and closets.

Use Pegboards

You have probably seen all kinds of pegboards hung in garages and workshops. Well, they are there for a reason – to provide extra storage space and to make everything net and well-organized. So, why not take advantage of one of the best storage ideas ever and place peg boards wherever you need that extra storage. For instance, in kitchens, you can hang mugs, pots, pans, etc. In bedrooms, you can hang jewelry, accessories, or bags. In your children’s room, you can hang their art, toys, lights, etc. The list of things you can hang on the pegboard is almost unlimited. There is only one thing you should be careful about – the weight of those things. On pegboards, you can’t hang heavy and bulky items.

And, speaking of heavy and bulky items, items such as billiard tables, for example, it would be your best bet to not look for creative storage ideas for them but to place them in storage right away. Professional movers can transfer your bulky billiard table with ease into any storage unit of your liking. Trust us, you cannot be creative with big, bulky, and heavy items. If they are in your way – find storage as soon as possible. 

Tools on a pegboard.

Pegboards can be an extremely helpful storage idea for every room of your home.

‘Shoe’ Storage – One of the Best Storage Ideas

You probably have three or four shoe organizers in your home. If you are practical, you will use these for storing your shoes vertically, thus saving a ton of space. But, if you are creative, you will use these for storing everything around your home. For instance, in just one shoe organizer, you can stuff 10 or twelve toys, or that many jars, bags, scarfs, jewelry pieces, makeup, perfumes, cosmetics, etc. You can them in are of your home and for stuffing them with pretty much anything! You just have to be creative. This is one of the most creative storage solutions for your home. So, what are you waiting for – give it a go! Or give a go to one of the previously mentioned creative storage solutions – it is up to you.


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