Interestingly, while packing a storage unit, we never think that we will probably have to unpack it at some point. And when that moment comes, we are trying to think of an excuse to postpone it somehow. But you will have to face it sooner or later, so be brave. How easy will your storage unit unpacking be, mostly depends on the way you packed it in the first place. If your unit is neat and all the boxes are properly labeled, you have nothing to worry about. If not, you will need our help even more. Anyhow, follow these steps for unpacking with ease and we will do it together.

Hands holding papers while during storage unit unpacking
How easy unpacking will be depends on how you packed your storage in the first place

Make and easy access

Storage unit unpacking includes a lot of heavy lifting, carrying, loading and unloading. Unless you want to save yourself the trouble and hire a professional moving company such as Dynamic Movers NYC, to do that for you, you will need easy access to your unit. If you have rented an outdoor unit, you can probably park your car right in front of it. In case you have an indoor unit, try to park somewhere close to the elevator. The shorter your route is the less time and energy you will spend on carrying boxes.

Divide heavy boxes into two lighter ones

In order to load a moving truck or a car more easily, better divide heavy boxes into two or three lighter ones. And in order to do so, remember to bring some smaller size moving boxes with you. The last thing you want is to injure yourself while carrying them. Again, if you have professionals by your side, you won’t have to worry about this.

Keep your fragile belongings safe

If your boxes are labeled, you know what is inside which box. But if you skipped this part, it won’t be that simple. Unless you remembered what happens to be in which box, which I doubt, because no one ever does, you will need to open each box to look inside.

Apartment full of clutter
Start unpacking one box at the time

Once you identify your belongings, start loading the heavy ones first. Remember to check if the bottoms of these heavy boxes are sturdy and well sealed. Make sure to bring a duck tape in case they need fixing. They should be at the bottom of your car or moving truck. After that, you will start to carefully load boxes with fragile items. They should be packed in smaller boxes and loaded last, on top of other boxes. Adding some bubble wrap and fixing them with a rope is not a bad idea. For this purpose, make a list of packing supplies you will need for safe transfer:

  • Medium and small moving boxes
  • Duck tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cleaning products and gloves
  • Mops

Cleaning your storage unit

Part of storage unit unpacking is cleaning it. Whether you are not going to use it anymore or you will fill it with some other items, you need to clean it. If you have been organizing and cleaning your storage unit before, you already know how it works. It’s better to empty it completely before you start. There will be probably a lot of dust, so make sure you bring cleaning gloves, several mops, and some cleaning products. If you want to do it in an eco-friendly way, some vinegar and baking soda will do too.

In case you don’t have time to deal with cleaning, you can always hire someone to do that for you. If you have chosen the right storage company, they probably have cleaning services to offer for some affordable fees.

Home at last

You have finally arrived home and now you are wondering what’s next. Well, depending on what your plans are with your belongs, you have several options. I case you want to store them in your garage, basement or some other place at your home, you can actually leave them in moving boxes. Or you can purchase some plastic storage bins, because they are more permanent solution.

If you want to unpack them completely and place around the house, it’s best to plan ahead. Once you know in which room each box goes, you can put boxes inside so you don’t have to carry items around the house. Also, you will probably need to clean your possessions a bit before placing them on shelves and in closets. If you are unpacking clothes or any washable items, I advice you to wash them.

Cleaning products
Whether you won’t use your unit anymore or you will put some other items inside, you need to clean it

Assembling the furniture

If you want to skip this part, you can find moving experts in Staten Island, NY to at least assemble large pieces of furniture for you such as beds, couches, and tables. If you think you can do it yourself, you will need to spend some time putting together these essential pieces of furniture.  And remember, only assemble large pieces oonce you know where they will be placed. 

Storage unit unpacking with ease

If you have unpacked your summer belongings and you are about to store the winter ones, make sure you clean and pack them properly before putting them inside the storage unit. If you have noticed some mistakes you have made, like not labeling your boxes or not loading them properly, use that experience to do it right this time. And try to maintain your storage unit in a way that will be easier to unpack it next time.

Most importantly, try to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed and burned out by dividing up the work. For example, start with one box at a time, set a goal for the number of boxes you will unpack and the time you’ll spend each day, and be realistic. I really hope this storage unit unpacking guide will help you unpack and clean your storage in a blink of an eye!


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