Every owner of a musical instrument knows how much effort and careful handling these precious things require. Special treatment in every possible way is the only thing that will keep musical instruments in a long-lasting good shape. So, when we talk about storing musical instruments, it is highly important to do it the right way.

The preparation

When you decide to relocate, there are certain things you should not move by yourself. Musical instruments are definitely one of them. But before you do something like packing your precious item in a moving truck, you need good preparation. And what can be better than the manufacturers’ instructions for handling the musical instrument? It will be the best source for much useful information. However, this time pay some extra attention to the section about storing.

First steps before storing musical instruments

If it is possible, it is desirable to disassemble your instrument into its individual components. This is especially important since it will relieve pressure on the joints.

  • Try to slowly and cautiously remove reeds or mouthpieces on wooden instruments.
  • Loosen the strings on the stringed instruments, but only to a certain extent. Here you need to be careful since it is not smart to leave them completely loose.
  • Remove all the slides and valves on your brass instruments.
There is a girl sitting on a bed playing saxophone.
Keep enjoying your music.

For the best possible treatment of your instrument, don’t forget to clean it before packing. Do it carefully and thoroughly. Also remember to dry every instrument completely before storing, since moisture can be pretty harmful, especially for the brass and wooden instruments.

The packing

After you make sure everything is clean and dry, you can start packing. It will be perfect if you use original cases for better protection of your musical instruments. On the other hand, when it comes to those that are too big for a case, you can wrap them in some blankets or soft cloth. For example, before you find someone skilled to transfer your bulky piano, make sure you have protected its legs and pedals well.

Finding the appropriate place

Climate-controlled storage units are the best possible solution for conserving your musical instruments. The constant change of temperature and humidity can be pretty harmful and may damage or deform your valuable items. Therefore, in order to avoid such problems and to keep your drums, pianos, and violins in a good shape, give your best to find a unit with appropriate conditions.

There is a man carrying a guitar case on his back, since the original cases are the best way for storing musical instruments.
Protect your musical instrument wherever you go.

The transport

However, in order for your instruments to reach the chosen storage unit safe and sound, you need to take care of the transport. Hiring professionals that already have some experience in this field, is really the best you can do. Only reliable moving experts will know the safest ways to load and haul your musical instruments in no time.

Finding a perfect place for storing your musical instruments for some time is really a serious task. However, if you do it the right way, and follow the rules you can be sure that nothing unexpected will happen. So, make a good plan, and let’s get started.


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