You can easily find a home in Clinton Hill.

Looking for a home from your dreams? Check out Clinton Hill

Looking for a home? The adventure of finding a home from your dreams can be both exciting and stressful. In part because you have to measure a lot of things before you move to that new home. But, before you get out your tape measure, you need to find the right location. Have you considered buying a home in Clinton Hill? If not, you should! In this article, we will give you some of the reasons why your dream home may just be located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. So, let’s see what this neighborhood has to offer.


A beautiful rural house on a large property surrounded by autumn nature

What to ask your Mississippi realtor when buying a rural house

Looking for a rural property to invest in is much different than investing in any other type of real estate. There are certain criteria linked to such properties that are hard to spot. Yet, even more, difficult to fix. That is why you always must be on your toes when going through such a venture. Even when hiring a professional real estate agent to help you during this process, you will still have a lot of work and even more thinking on your hands. So, once you find your ideal property, you must make sure you are hitting all the right questions. That is why we are sharing with you the most important questions you should ask your real estate agent before buying a rural house in Mississippi. (more…)

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Homebuyers guide to Sunrise, FL

Are you tired of renting an apartment? Tired of people saying that you’re wasting money? You started thinking that maybe they’re right. Maybe you should spend your money on a mortgage rather than on rent. To have a home you can call your own. Somewhere warm, like Florida. To enjoy the sun. Well, if that’s the case, then where better than in Sunrise? Close enough to Miami if you’re feeling like partying, and far enough if you want to enjoy the sunset from YOUR porch. If you’re seriously thinking about it, we made you a homebuyers guide to Sunrise, Fl. Just to help you speed up your search.

writing on paper tips for turning your garage into a game room

Tips for turning your garage into a game room – Denver edition

You want a game room but don’t know how to get extra space in your house? Don’t worry, because you are in luck. Sometimes your game room is closer than you think. Your garage can be your awesome new game room. Where you can invite your friends and family to spend some quality, and fun time together. With a little preparation and work of course. And with no time you will be turning your garage into a game room. Here are some helpful tips for you.


A living room decorated for holidays before you declutter your house after holidays..

How to declutter your house after holidays?

With the holiday craze just around the corner, we need to be prepared for everything and anything. Although truly the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be a bit of a mess to deal with. Everyone is on edge because of the tension that is differently known as professionalism. We all want our houses to have the prettiest decorations and nices themes. What very few of us think about, though, is what comes next. We become so preoccupied with how everything is going to turn out for the festivities that we don’t truly get a firm grasp of what’s coming. Until it does. Then, just out of the blue, a holiday free January morning comes and we see what our home actually looks like. That’s why we’ve gathered some advice for you on how to declutter your house after the holidays. (more…)

The Statue of Liberty.

Alternative housing- New York edition

When they hear about New York and housing in the same sentence, most commoners imagine a Manhattan skyline with a modern interior and a posh life. However, not many New Yorkers actually live like this. Many live in ordinary homes, with normal views and pretty standard lives. And then there are some that are in a whole other ball game.

Alternative housing is something that started out of sheer need and lack of a classic home. When people lost their homes during the Great Depression, this form of living came to be. Today, even though still present, it’s not only out of need that this type of housing continues to exist. Considering that so many different people live in the “Big Apple”, alternative housing New York takes many different shapes and forms today.