A basement sign

How to pack for basement relocation

Moving requires a lot of time and preparation. And a big part of the moving process is packing. But, packing is usually the same for all the rooms in a home. This is why there is a guide for packing which applies to all the rooms in a home. Basement packing is different. You have to pay attention to different things, and the basement is usually the part of the home which contains most of the clutter. This is why we have written this article – how to pack for basement relocation stress-free and on time. (more…)

NYC view at sunset.

Moving to Bushwick, Brooklyn

A lot of people want to live in Brooklyn. And we can’t blame them, Brooklyn is amazing. New York in general is the most popular moving destination. We are talking about an amazing city with plenty of neighborhoods. New York is huge. But the one neighborhood we are particularly in love with is located in Brooklyn and goes by the name Bushwick. Bushwick is a great place to live in and there are plenty of reasons why this is so. But that’s not the only thing we want to tell you more about. As a professional moving company, we wanted to give you a couple of tips and tell you a little bit more about moving to Bushwick. We figured that it is going to come in handy as a lot of people have started moving to Bushwick this year. (more…)