exporting from the US to Saudi Arabia

What’s there to know about exporting from the US to Saudi Arabia

Exporting goods is an important part of a lot of businesses. People export and import plenty of things. From food, cosmetics, clothing, electronic devices, and anything else you can think of. Plenty of the things you use every day were imported from somewhere. And the US is a huge exporter. There are plenty of things being made in the United States and shipped all over the world. One of the countries where people from the states are shipping to is Saudi Arabia. This is because a lot of people from the US are expanding their businesses to Saudi Arabia and for plenty of these businesses this means exporting from the US to Saudi Arabia. (more…)

A man looking at relocation glossary online and taking notes.

Relocation glossary

There is a rich terminology with plenty of acronyms that you may hear or read with every relocation process. Normally, some of them would be more common in documentation while others are a bit informal. To understand them, this relocation glossary will break down a few of the most used terms in the relocation industry. (more…)