We all need storage space in our lifetime. There are many reasons and occasions in which we need to use storage space. Usually, we tend to use the basement, attic or garage as storage. A spare room or space underneath the stairs. We push all of the clutter in and hope it doesn’t fall back on us. Whatever we want to keep and preserve we tend to store for safekeeping. Books, wardrobe, photos, furniture or personal mementos. However, today there are a lot more storing options to choose from. They are more practical, sophisticated and professional. In the abundance of storage space offers it is important to know what to do. So, let us present you to our short storage renting guide.

Storage – what is it?

In today’s world, we have sophisticated storage solutions for every need we may conceive of. We have the option of renting storage space from a storage company. If you are downsizing or moving and you need a short-term storage solution, you can easily find it. If you are looking for long-term additional storage space when downsizing, you can also find exactly what you need.

Row of opened external storage units which can be a good solution for you according to our storage renting guide.
Storage facilities offer a wide range of different conditions and services

Professional storage facilities today are present everywhere and they provide a different level of service, unit sizes, and amenities so be sure to do proper research. Storage facilities are a convenient, affordable and easy solution for storage space problems. They can also accommodate a wide variety of needs. From wardrobe and trinkets to a boat, you can store it all.

Renting a storage space is not a problem. Wherever you are and in need of storage, suitable solutions are surely present. Whether you are moving to Tennessee, New York, Austin or Delaware be sure to do your research to find what you need.

When moving, be sure to contact your movers in search of a storage facility. Movers can provide valuable information on storage or provide the service themselves. If you are in Tennessee, be sure to contact whateverittakesmoving.com for any information you might need.

Storage options – a short storage renting guide

The variety of storage solutions is incredible. There are different options, services, and amenities included in the storage contract. With so many different offers, a storage renting guide is needed. In short, you can opt for two basic solutions.

Full-service storage facilities provide a full service to the customer. They offer to pick up, transport and store your belongings on a phone call. They will also provide delivery to your location on request. This will help you store your items without worrying about the transport and handling of your belongings. Full-service storage will also provide their own insurance and provide an inventory and even photographs of your stored items for reference. If you live in an urban area and don’t have access to a car, these storage solutions can be more convenient for you. 

A cart with boxes full of toys and items for storing.
You can find the right solution to keep your belongings safe

Self-storage, on the other hand, is a cheaper and more popular option. In this case, you only rent the storage facility and have to organize the transport, storing and pickup of your belonging yourself. In these cases, you must provide your own packing storing and item inventory. In the case of self-storing, you have the freedom to handle your belongings whenever you want. If you plan on storing a large number of items and have a car, you are better of using this storage solution.

What to look for

Storage units usually come with different services and amenities tied to them. When you are choosing the storage facility, you may consider the following:

  • Climate control of the storage unit
  • Accessibility – if the unit is accessible 24/7 on Sundays and during holidays
  • In-person surveillance, security, and safety
  • Pricing
  • Unit sizes
  • Lighting
  • Online reviews

One of the most important aspects is the climate control. If you are storing sensitive furniture, valuable paintings, family photos, documents or other fragile items, it is good to pot for a climate-controlled unit. This will help make good conditions that will protect these items and prevent mildew from forming. You should also consider if you will need an outdoor or indoor unit. Indoor units usually provide climate control and are more secure. Outdoor units usually have easier drive-up access through a garage door and provide more handling room but they don’t provide climate control.


When storing your belongings in a facility, always make sure to get insurance. Insurance will give you peace of mind and make you feel protected. Your items can be replaced if broken or stolen from the unit. Some facilities will also provide adequate and more affordable insurance so you should make sure you check your options. 

When should you consider storage?

Storage facilities as a business are growing year by year. More and more people are using their services to save and preserve their belongings in specialized and organized facilities. So, when is it time to use storage solutions?

Some people tend to rent storage facilities to declutter their homes. If there is just not enough space in the home, garage or attic, it is time to securely store them and free up space. A lot of people are choosing to downsize their households. When moving from a larger home to a smaller apartment, the surplus of items can be overwhelming. If you decide to keep those items, then the storage service is the perfect option for you. If you are moving or remodeling, you may and need to store your furniture and appliance in a safe and secure place. Rented storage space for a short period of time can be a lifesaver in those situations.

If you are moving to Tennessee be sure to investigate Smyrna which is a suburb of Nashville. This small town is offering a suburban laid-back lifestyle feel. With the economic development of the region, Smyrna is experiencing a migration of young professionals and families. If you are moving in, movers from Smyrna can transport your goods to your residence or storage facility securely and without a problem.

A row of mini storage boxes.
You can choose between mini and full storage, DIY or full service. Find just what is right for you.

On the other hand, La Vergne offers a more rural feel than Smyrna. It is also a developing and grooving suburb of Nashville and a center for trucking and transportation. As such, it has a developed storage market and be sure that La Vergne professionals can load your storage unit for you if needed.

Final words on a storage renting guide

So, different storage solutions are at hand if you need them. Do your research on what the market offers and try to find the best fit for your needs. Use this storage renting guide as a starting point but be sure to research and learn more.


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