Life in New Jersey is fast, therefore we need to find ourselves a green oasis to ease the speed. New Jersey is a state on the northeastern coast of the US that has more than 130 miles of the Atlantic coast. The capital of New Jersey is Trenton. Jersey shore includes some towns with preserved Victorian buildings such as Asbury Park and Cape May. When we talk about New Jersey we can’t forget Lower Manhattan and its ferries port where you can embark to Ellis Island home of Statue of Liberty. If you had enough of urban life and you are ready to explore some of the greenest places of New Jersey.

Greenest places of New Jersey

Living in nature can be relaxing and healing. When you are searching for the perfect place, take into consideration several factors. Of course, you need a peaceful place, but it has to be beautiful and affordable. If you are looking for some new, green place to live a full life, consider:

  • Florham Park
  • Ridgewood
  • Passaic
  • Springdale
  • Upper Montclair

Florham Park

For many visitors, Florham Park has that wow effect. It is a great place, especially for the family. It has so many beautiful parks and nature attractions. This is a borough in Morris County, just 21 miles away from New York. It is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. It offers a dense suburban feel and there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks and the public schools in Florham Park are highly rated. If you are planning to move here there a lot of locals who can offer assistance.

Forest path
Have along healing walks in nature


Living in this suburbia offers you a feel of freedom and space that some small towns offer. This is one of the greenest places in New Jersey, and you will also find a high number of nice parks and restaurants that offer you the needed moments of peace and time with your friends to recuperate from work. If you want to move in here, have in mind that the public schools are also highly rated in this suburbia, but the crime rate is a bit higher. This does not mean that gang wars are raging on street, but that here and there someone will call cops after being mugged.


This is your average suburban area. This is one of those in big city suburbia that are trying to look like outskirt suburban areas. That is why it is special because they managing to bring that feeling. Public schools are rated very well, and Passaic offers some of the greatest nightlife for a suburban area. Often families are picking Passaic to live in, and there are a lot of friendly faces here. Experts covering this part of the state diversity-wise, so you find people of all colors living here without any grudges.

Couple on the grass
Enjoy your life


This gem is located in Camden Country. It is known as one of the greenest places of New Jersey and the favorite retiring places of New Jersey. It is out of big city life, it has all you need to relax and enjoy your well-deserved retirement. This place where most people own their own home and rental business is a bit slow here. Place of parks as some call it.

Upper Montclair

This suburban area and one of the best places to live in New Jersey. It is located in Essex County Many restaurants and parks allow you to walk freely and relax. It is a place safe without almost any criminal activity, even public schools are highly rated. Some of the residents refer to their suburbia as the perfect intersection of a vibrant urban center and delightful suburban living. All this comes with a little bit higher prices.

Moving to any of these suburban areas will bring you peace of mind. Life in suburbia a slow and relaxing, so you can forget about you nine to five when not there. So many moving companies are specialized to move families to suburbia. After you decide to move to some of the greenest places in New Jersey. Life here is good, so I don’t know why are you waiting to see yourself relaxed in this green oasis.


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