You are thinking of moving your company abroad. Your business has done enough in your current location, and you want to try your luck in another business market. But before you put your business into action, you need to hire movers. When hiring a relocation company, you have to watch out for moving contracts. To see why moving contracts are crucial, we at US Pro Warehouse can help. Let’s learn about the importance of moving contract when moving your company abroad.

What is a moving contract? 

Before we get into the importance of a moving contract, let’s first define it. 

A moving contract is an agreement between a moving company and a client. This agreement is about the services, prices, when the movers will arrive, and any specialized conditions. 

a person signing a moving contract
Before we go into the importance of moving contract when moving your company abroad, you have to learn what a moving contract is.

In our case, the unique circumstances are that we are moving a whole business abroad. We need to specialize services to relocate our business equipment safely. That is why it’s essential to work with experts corporate movers who will get your items overseas securely. 

When you have a moving contract, you have everything on paper. That can provide many benefits.

  • First, it will help with miscommunication. 
  • Second, it will make your relocation faster, which is another importance of a moving contract when moving company abroad. 
  • Finally, it is one of the ways to make your move less stressful because you have everything in writing and your movers are liable if anything goes wrong. 

We will be looking closer into these three benefits later in our article. 

Let’s quickly talk about how to find commercial movers 

Now that you know what a moving contract can provide your company relocation. Let’s see how to find reliable commercial movers to move you abroad. We have for you 3 steps.

  • The first step is to read reviews about commercial moving companies that have experience with international moves. Finding commercial movers that move internationally is easy. Google what you need. When you get the results from Google, look at the companies with the best reviews. Choose at least three companies with the most positive reviews. 
  • The second step is to contact them via phone or email and schedule an interview. 
  • And the final step is the interview, where you can judge if they are respectful to you as a client. Try and ask as many questions as you can about the logistic of the moves. And the most significant thing is to pay attention if they are responsive to your questions and if they bother them. Essentially, you are looking for friendliness. 

When satisfied with the third step, you can hire movers and sign their moving contract. Now let’s talk about the benefits of moving contracts. 

The importance of moving contract when moving your company abroad – better communication 

A moving contract will make the communication with you and the movers a lot less tense. Let’s see how. 

Without a moving contract, you will have to rely on the will of your movers. You will not have any insurance that your stuff is handled with care. That is why you put everything on the moving contract. You agree with your movers when your items will arrive at your new business location. Speak to them about how your office supplies should be handled and keep them accountable for any damaged or lost equipment. When you get all of those things out of the way before the process starts, your move will be smooth sailing. And can do everything we mentioned before. With their years of experience with international moves, you can be sure that your stuff is arriving at your new business address intact. 

two women talking
Talk to your commercial movers before signing the contract!

The importance of moving contract when moving your company abroad – faster relocation 

The second benefit of a contract is that the whole process will go faster. Before you sign a contract, you will discuss everything with your movers. And when the moving day comes, the professionals do not have to stop and talk. They can focus on their work and get you out of your old office and into the new ones fast.

The importance of moving contract when moving your company abroad – less stress 

And the third benefit of a moving contract is that you will not be as anxious. The main reason why you will be less stressed is that the movers are liable for your stuff. If you get moving insurance, the relocation company will have to pay for any damages to your items. In addition, relocation insurance can make movers more careful with your stuff since they will be losing money if they break it. 

a woman holding head
With a moving contract, you can forget about stress!

What should a moving contract contain? 

Let’s quickly talk about what should be on a moving contract so that you know how to spot a bad one. 

  • A moving contract should have all the information about the moving company. The details include a license – look for a USDOT number. The document should have the address of the moving company. It should match the address on their website. Finally, it should have the address of your old business and the location of the new business. 
  • The second thing it should have is the time of the beginning of the move and the end of the relocation. 
  • The third thing a moving contract should have is the cost of the move. To avoid overpaying, find the rates on the contract and any additional fees. If they are not on the document, ask the moving company to include them. 
  • To ensure you are getting what you are paying for is to look at the services. Make sure that all of the services you need are on the document, and look out for any additional services you do not need. 


We hope that you now know the importance of moving contract when moving your company abroad. If you can not settle in as soon as you arrive, look for storage. But inform yourself first with a guide to finding the best storage. Good luck!


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