Relocation is a tricky process. First comes the research, then comes the planning, along with the moving day, and settling in. It can become quite simple and be successful, as long as you maintain order and organization. Overall, one of the trickiest and more complicated stages about moving is the packing and transfer of your belongings. It’s important that you pack properly, and also make decisions about when it’s time to hire professional assistance. There are certain items you should never move by yourself. Why? You could either injure yourself or damage your items. All in all, continue reading as we provide some insight into the things you should never move by yourself

Moving 101

When moving from point A to point B, we suggest planning every step of the process. We also recommend that you begin the process of planning or creating a moving plan months ahead. This will enable you to thoroughly visualize every aspect of your relocation and ensure that everything goes smoothly. The moving day is just as successful as your actual planning, therefore take your time, follow a timeline, and rely on your plan to complete every task on the moving checklist. 

Moreover, the more efficient the packing process, the easier and simpler unpacking becomes. Before you begin packing however, it’s essential that you make a plan of what’s coming with you and what you plan to leave behind. Having an inventory of the items that you plan to move into your new place will be beneficial overall. It will give you an idea of how much stuff you are transferring, and will also highlight which items might require professional assistance.

Particular items such as fragile instruments, or bulky oversized objects will require the help of a moving company. In addition, items as such are something you should never move by yourself. Hence, it would be smart to call NYC experts for bulky instrument relocation. This will also make the process easier for you. 

Items You Never Move By Yourself

Sometimes, we can’t do everything on our own. If it fits within your budget, think about hiring a moving company. Professional movers are trained to move heavy, fragile, and bulky items that you should probably never move by yourself. Sometimes items can’t just come out of your home through the door. Bulky and heavy objects, that can’t be put apart for moving, need to be moved carefully via other ways. Professional movers are well trained for situations like that, and they also have the necessary tools to do so. 

An illustration of a man having trouble to use a trolley.
A team of professionals is well-trained in moving heavy and bulky items. Avoid injury or damage, and hire professional movers.

For example, items like the piano, big fish tanks, pool tables, exercise equipment, or expensive art pieces are amongst those that you should never move by yourself. Therefore, with the help of professionals in the field, you can ensure that the process of art pieces carefully transported is successful. The last thing you want happening is your items damaging or even worse, injuring yourself. Avoid all of that by hiring people who know what they are doing and will do it with caution. 


Packing is something that you can do by yourself. Even for the items that you should never move by yourself, you can still help out with packing. For example, if you have expensive art pieces, it would be beneficial that you know how to properly pack them for safe transferring to your new home. If you aren’t sure how you should pack an expensive painting, you can always do a little bit of research and see what type of materials you might need to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. 

An illustration of a professional mover carrying a cardboard box.
Trained movers have the necessary tools and equipment, and they also have the proper technique for moving heavy items.

For items such as exercise equipment or a heavy piano, you should leave this up to the moving company as they will probably have the necessary materials for packing. Another factor that will help the moving company is that you pack all the items that you can. By packing away the smaller and simple items and putting them aside, you will open up space. An open space will make it easier for the crew to safely and with caution take care of your bigger and heavier items. For example, in case the piano needs to be taken out the window, freeing up the room will be easier for everyone to maneuver around. 

Avoid Injury

Getting injured while moving can be very bad, and you could just add stress to the already stressful situation. Professional movers are trained to move around hallways, staircases, and complicated areas all the while carrying heavy or bulky things. In addition, they also have all the necessary tools and materials! Not to mention the knowledge and proper technique on how to proceed depending on what they are moving and how. Therefore, ease your relocation, and remove stress by allowing trained professionals to take care of the heavy lifting. 

An illustration of a medical worker at the ambulance.
Moving heavy and bulky things can cause serious injury. Don’t move things by yourself, and hire a moving company.

The Pros

By now, we believe that you understand better why it’s important that certain things you never move by yourself. Even though sometimes we like to be in control and think that we can do it, sometimes it is just better to leave things to the professionals. Although it might cost a bit, at least you will avoid injury or damage overall. The bulkier the item, the heavier the transfer. The moving crew will provide all the necessary tools and materials and ensure that your belongings arrive safely to your new home. 

Overall, leaving the heavy lifting to trained professionals will make your relocation hassle and stress-free. You can take care of the simpler things, and trust that your items are being well-taken care off. 


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