If you are an American who is moving to Asia, you’re surely wondering what you can expect. After all, the culture there is different, and so are many of the rules and laws. Moving there for the first time, by all means, includes a culture shock. It takes some time before you can say that you actually understand Japan, for example, and its people. However, there are definitely some generalized tips for Americans who are moving to Asia. They will prepare you and make life easier for you right away.

Getting a visa can be tricky for Americans who are moving to Asia

One of the first things that you need to think about has to do with paperwork. Namely, how to get a temporary or a permanent visa. The requirements differ from country to country. Sometimes, just having a certain amount of money in the bank can get you a visa. For example, if you’re moving to the Philippines, having about 75,000 dollars will get you a visa. On the other hand, Japan, for example, is very strict. A sponsoring company and an advanced degree are a must if you’re planning on moving there.

Two USA passports Americans moving to Asia need

Depending on the country, getting a visa for Americans moving to Asia could be hard.

So, before happily deciding that yes, Japan is definitely the country in Asia where you are going to move to, be sure to carefully check the requirements. What’s more, these requirements keep changing. Even if you’ve lived in a certain Asian country for quite a while, if you switch jobs, you might not be able to get a visa. In that case, there’s a good chance that you’ll be deported, so stay vigilant!

The professionals from a reliable moving company will be able to help you

If you’re not sure or you don’t know where to look, you can always ask the people from your moving company. As for Japan, Kokusai Express Japan is the right choice. These highly-trained professionals know what they’re doing, and that they’ll be able to explain to you everything you need to know.

This brings us to another point – while you can move overseas on your own, it is much, much easier to do so with the help of a reliable moving company. That way, you’ll be able to transport your things much easier. Moving singlehandedly is almost a mission impossible in this case. Again, if you need Japanese moving experts to take you overseas – look no further. As for the other countries, look for professionals online or try to get some reliable recommendations.

Depending on the country, you might earn less money and the quality of life could also be worse as well

When it comes to the working conditions for Americans who are moving to Asia, again, the situation differs from country to country. If you’re relocating to a more prosperous country (again, such as Japan), you can expect to earn as much as you have been earning in America. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less, but usually, that’s about it.

Lots of dollars.

While you might be earning a lot of money, be prepared to settle for less.

On the other hand, if you’re moving to one of the less developed Asian countries, you should be prepared to earn less. This piece of information can be especially useful to you if you’re moving your business there. The money that your business made you back in the States could be significantly less in Asia. So, before moving, try to calculate how much money you will need to survive and/or live comfortably.

The language is very important

If you’re an American who is moving to Asia, most likely you’ll have to learn the language of whatever country you relocate to. Not many people speak English in most Asian countries. At first, you’ll have a hard time communicating and doing your business. However, the longer you stay there, the easier it will be.

The first few months, you might feel like a total stranger, so prepare for that. The culture is very different and you will probably communicate more by using gestures than the language itself. If you are lucky enough, your business will develop properly and, day by day, you will discover the charm of Asia. Of course, if you’re moving with your children and the rest of your family, you’ll have a much easier time. With family, you’re never alone.

Unfortunately, you’ll still have to pay taxes

You should also be aware of the fact that, even though you’re living in Asia, you still have to pay taxes to the IRS. If you are also paying taxes locally, in Asia, notify the IRS. However, if the taxes that you would be paying the IRS are higher than the ones that you’re paying in Asia, you will still have to pay the difference. There’s no escaping the taxmen, folks!

Some tax forms and other tax-related documents.

Even after moving to Asia, you’ll still have to pay the taxes to the American government.

Even if you become a former citizen of the USA, and you get citizenship in whatever Asian country you choose, you’ll still have to pay taxes to the American government if you still have some ties with our glorious homeland. For example, if you’re renting a home back in the US, if you own a piece of land there, and so on, you still have to answer to the IRS!

Have all of this information in mind when deciding whether to rent or buy a property in Asia. Even if you decide to save money and rent, you might still have to pay taxes to Uncle Sam. Sometimes, it’s actually more affordable to buy.

To recapitulate

So, to recapitulate:

  • Look into visa requirements of the country that you’ve set your eyes on.
  • Be prepared to earn less if you’re moving to one of the less developed countries.
  • Learn the language and the ways of the people as soon as you can.
  • Americans moving to Asia still have to pay taxes to the IRS.


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