When the moving time comes, you have a lot of things to do. One of these things is to transport your items from point A to point B. There are two main options to choose – the first one is to hire a company to do it for you, and the second one is to rent a moving truck and to transport them by yourself.

If you know how to drive a truck, this is a good solution, and you will avoid the risk of hiring fraudulent movers. Yes, you will have more work, but at least, all your items will be with you while moving.

Choose the size of a moving truck

Moving across the US is very exciting, especially if you organize a family road trip. But, first, you should know how many items you have to move. Companies have different trucks and vans to rent. If you choose too small, there won’t be enough space, and if you rent too big, you will pay more than you should. Separate the items first, and then rent a moving truck.

Renting a moving truck you can drive

Don’t rent a moving truck you can’t maneuver, it is dangerous for you, your items, and other people on the road. Sit in the driver’s seat and see if it is comfortable for you before you rent it. Don’t make driving riskier than it is. Inspect the truck and ake notes of dents. The inspection will save you from additional charges. 

Moving trucks on a highway.

Rent a vehicle you can drive comfortable. A truck you can maneuver without problems

Make a reservation for renting a moving truck

When you are moving? Do you have rented/bought a new home yet? In case you need to find accommodation, search for one before you move. And when you know the exact date of the move, make a reservation, so you can move to your new home stress-free. If you are moving the season (most people are moving during the summer), you must book a truck a few months before.

Prepare your items for moving

Secure the items before loading them into a moving truck. Pack like a pro, and ask a few strong friends to help you with loading and unloading heavy and large furniture. It is like preparing your items for storage. Use enough moving boxes and packing materials such as air bubble foil, especially on fragile items.

Moving boxes on a dolly.

Use equipment to make loading items into a moving truck heavy items easier, such as dolly

Purchase for insurance

You must do the inspection before renting a moving truck, but also after when you return it. The vehicle must be in good shape, without any damage. But, accidents happen, unfortunately, so you should have insurance. The insurance will cover a vehicle and the items you are moving. Also, insurance will give you peace of mind and you won’t have additional stress. 


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