Welcome to the city of dreams! You know, what they say, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. No wonder, why so many young people, especially students want to try their luck and move to New York City. Well, you only live once, right?  So why not try to be a part of this New York Jungle. Even though it represents a playground for the rich who love entertainment, New York is also home to many prestigious colleges.  Some of those are Columbia, Barnard, and New York University among others. The competition to get into some of these colleges is fierce we are not going to lie. But, fear not. There are thousands of students who make their way to the Big Apple every autumn. So, why wouldn’t you be one of them? Keep on reading to find some useful tips for students moving to New York.

The Cost of Living is… Outrageous!

Compared to other places in The United States of America, and beyond, the cost of living in New York is outrageously crazy. So, if you are not going to live with your family members, you only have two options. You can either live in the student’s dorm, or you can rent a room or an apartment. When renting an apartment, be sure to find roommates. Living alone will definitely break the bank. On average, you will have to spend around $1,900 per month for a furnished apartment. However, that does not include utilities or any other fees. Moreover, that is not the only thing that is expensive. Groceries, dining out, shopping or gym membership are everyday things that cost more than you think. But, do not worry much, there are many part-time jobs you can find. So, call your Capital City Movers NYC, and start relocating. 

Tips for students moving to New York

Unfortunately, most NYC colleges come with a big price tag, so you might end up taking out more in student loans than you ever imagined to pay tuition and all of your other bills.

Bring Only the Absolute Necessities

New York is a big city, but you will probably live in a tiny place. So, do not go crazy with packing, and bring minimal stuff. Organize your belongings and decide what to pack and what to leave behind.

If you are going to live in a dorm, you are probably going to need only your clothes and books. However, if you are moving to an apartment, you are probably going to need some of your furniture as well. Do not worry. We got you covered. You can find reliable moving experts in Chelsea, NY, who can do everything for you. You do not have to lift a finger. 

Suitcase and books

Many students moving to New York end up returning more than half of their belongings back home. So, pack smart!

Leave Your Car at Home

You probably just started driving and you are excited about being one of many students moving to New York. But you will have no use of your car here. However, most New Yorkers do not own cars because the city’s traffic is terrible, parking is expensive, and using public transportation is just way easier. So, do not try to fight it, you will lose. Instead of bringing your car to college, leave it at home, and look for some alternatives. Here are some suggestions:

  • The Subway NYC subway system is very developed. There are 469 stations that serve 24 subway lines. You can find a subway station just about anywhere and hop in anytime since it works 24/7.
  • Taxis and Uber – This is not a recommended solution for transportation. Many New Yorkers use taxis on an everyday basis, however, be ready to pay. Generally, Uber is a more economical solution.
  • Buses: If there is not a subway nearby, and you can not afford to take a taxi, you can choose one form 5.800 buses in New York. An unlimited bus and subway monthly ticket cost $116.50.

Eat Cheap

Unless you live in Manhattan, there are many affordable stores and supermarkets out there. So do not worry about starving while you are in New York. What you need to do is plan your trip to the grocery store. If there is not one nearby, take a subway to the cheapest one. Going a little further to C-Town, Food Bazaar, or Trader Joes will definitely save you big bucks. You can also meal prep and bring your lunch and even coffee with you to your classes. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money. Salad will cost you 10$, coffee 4$ and a juice 7$. In the end, you have a bill of more than 400$ just on your weekly food. Students moving to New York must be prepared to plan ahead and eat cheap! 

A fast food restaurant

Avoid eating in fast food restaurants. They are both unhealthy and costly. Instead, buy your food in the market or in grocery stores.

Stay Entertained For Free

Well, this is a little easier said than done. After all, you did not come to New York just to sit in your room or campus to study. You should go out and explore. There is soo much you can do for free in this city. There is truly something for everybody, form free days at the museum to free workout sessions in parks. So, instead of spending big bucks, make sure to do some research. Here are just some of the things you can do for free when moving to New York:

  • Go Stargazing on the High Line – Every Tuesday, Amateur Astronomers Association sets up telescopes on the section between West 15th and West 16th Streets. You can join them and enjoy stargazing for free.
  • Do yoga at Bryant Park – From Tuesday to Thursday, there are free Yoga lessons on the lawn.
  • Watch outdoor movies – There are two big summer festivals in New York parks which are absolutely free.
  • Go to the public beaches – Soak up some sun on the weekend!
  • Take a tour of Central Park – There are free and guided tours organized every day.


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