Relocating your home from one place to another requires devotion. You need to get informed. You need to acquire organizational skills. And above all, you need a lot of patience and time. Decluttering, packing, fragile items transportation. A lot of things to take care of. And then, finally, what about your second most valuable possession – your car? Well, that’s another very serious topic to discuss. It definitely requires some additional preparation. But, don’t worry. That’s why we are here. Let’s take a look at some hopefully useful tips for transporting your classic car from SA to the US, for example.

Meet the requirements for transporting your classic car from SA to the US

Well hello! Welcome to the vehicle transportation process. First of all, before making any serious shipping steps, it is good to inform yourself well upon this subject. It is highly essential for you to find out whether your car is qualified to be imported to the USA, or not. What’s more, do not forget to ascertain if any kind of modifications will be required for your vehicle. Of course, the applicability of the standards and regulations vary depending on the type of vehicle you are about to transport. Therefore it is always good to consult someone about it. Remember that professionals can sort out everything with customs, and thus make your relocation easier.

The USA regulations

According to the law, all the vehicles that are manufactured outside of the USA must fulfill certain safety and crash requirements. However, there is one more thing to remember. If your car is 25 years old or more, the US low will consider it to be “classic car”, and therefore it does not have to meet the safety and crash standards. Therefore, when thinking about shipping your classic car from SA to the US, use this fact wisely.

However, it may happen that there is no clearly visible and permanently fixed label on your car, that would show the exact date of manufacture. In that case, it is important for you to have some other form of documentation that will serve as proof. It may be the car registration or the original sale document.

There is a green cargo boat with many vehicles on it.
Think about your vehicle transportation safety.

Hire experienced professionals if you transport your classic car from SA to the US

When planning your relocation, some professional help is always welcomed. Good and reliable moving agencies, like for instance can save your time and ease your move. However, when you think about relocating your precious vehicle you should pay some extra attention. In these cases, it is highly important to find a company that already has some previous experiences in car shipping. That would mean that they already know all the adequate phases of that kind of transportation and that they will undertake all the necessary precautionary measures.

Therefore, devote some time to thorough research. Find all the appropriate companies that offer car moving services. Contact each of them and ask about their offers. Do not underestimate this step, since the safety of your car is in question.

The importance of insurance

Now, when we are talking about safety in the process of transportation, we cannot but mention the question of insurance. In fact, there is no one who can guarantee you that nothing will be damaged in the whole moving process. However, the only way to retain at least some kind of security is to get moving insurance. This is true for every single item in your household. But it counts for your valuable classic car as well.

And remember this – always ask your moving company for a copy of their insurance policy. It is crucial for you to be aware of how much you can count on the insurance that they offer. That is because it may sometimes happen that it will not be able to cover any kind of potential damage to the precious vehicle they are transporting.

There is a person signing an important document, because gathering all the documents is a crucial step while transporting your classic car from SA to the US.
Avoid risks- have an insurance.

Getting the full picture

When you decide to transport your classic car from SA to the US, make sure you have your car thoroughly inspected. Find out about any possible issues that can be problematic. Check the breaks, oil, and coolant. Note any existing scratches, signs, and missing parts. Only this way you will be sure that you would not miss any potential change or damage when your vehicle reaches its final destination. What’s more, do not forget to take a vehicle condition report after the check. That would be your only and undeniable evidence of the car’s original state. So keep this moving tip in mind while preparing to move abroad.

An extra tip

Be smart and do not leave any additional items in your classic car during the transportation period from SA to the USA. So take out all the spare tires and reserve parts. Most of the moving agencies require this step as complying with the strict rules and do not allow you any space for negotiation. However, even if you find an agency that would agree upon transporting some additional parts within the vehicle, be sure that they would refuse to be responsible for them during the shipping period.

And one more thing. According to the standards of the U. S Department of Agriculture, it is necessary for your car to be thoroughly cleaned prior to the shipping. This is required for safety reasons. They want to ensure that no potentially damaging pests will be imported in the country. So, don’t risk. Play smart and do it properly.

There is a red classic car parked in the street.
Remember to leave your classic car completely clean before the move.

And now, what do you think- are you ready for the big change? Well, of course, you are! Following our tips for transporting your classic car from SA to the US, you will not have any problems to conduct your whole relocation properly. But let’s make another quick reminder:

  • inform yourself about all the standards and requirements
  • hire people who know their job well
  • do not forget the insurance part
  • check your classic car and prepare it for the transportation


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