You want a game room but don’t know how to get extra space in your house? Don’t worry, because you are in luck. Sometimes your game room is closer than you think. Your garage can be your awesome new game room. Where you can invite your friends and family to spend some quality, and fun time together. With a little preparation and work of course. And with no time you will be turning your garage into a game room. Here are some helpful tips for you.

You need to clean your garage

Doesn’t matter if you want to turn your garage into a kid’s game room, family game room, or a man cave. The first necessary thing is to put away things you won’t need for a while and clean your garage of things you don’t use. If you have items that you want to keep but don’t use very often, we recommend placing them in a storage unit.

Woman cleaning windows before turning garage into a game room

Before you do any remodeling to your garage. You need to clean it properly.

Of course, you want your items to stay safe while they are stored away. Using Denver storage solutions is a great way to make sure that your items stay safe and sound until you need them again.

Decide what you want in your game room

While deciding what you want in your dream game room. You should take into account the space you are working with, also if you plan to still park your car in the garage. For example, while turning your garage into a game room if you want a tennis table, foosball, billiard table, pinball because a billiard table can be difficult to handle by yourself, and you will need help from someone to put this inside together. It would be good that the people who help you are professionals, so you or nobody else gets hurt. Don’t forget to choose what color you want to paint your new game room, or maybe put some wallpaper with a special design for you.

Make your new game room comfortable

When saying this it means to think ahead. What you need to do so the room will be comfortable as possible. lighting is a big deal when setting the mood in a room. If your garage has windows make sure to clean them and move anything that maybe is outside blocking the sunlight. On the other hand, if you don’t have a window because the majority of garages don’t. You can make one, or get creative with the lights.

Man relaxing on a couch.

When you finish turning your garage into a game room make sure it’s as comfortable as possible.

Hang some led lights on the walls, and if you do that. Make sure that your garage has the capacity for lights, games, and other electric needs for your new game room. Maybe you will need to rewire to add some new outlets and handle the new load.

Be sure you are doing everything by the law

Before renovation becomes messy, store and transfer everything you don’t need with Los Angeles Transfer and Storage. Be sure that your DIY garage game room doesn’t break any laws in your state. Because you will need permits for some changes you make. It would be best to visit your local jurisdiction or Development office to find out if you need some special permits. Of course, if you are just changing the carpet or something minimal you won’t need to ask for permits.

Man signing papers for turning his garage into a game room.

Always be sure everything is by the law. If you have to get permits for turning your garage into a game room go get them.

On the other hand, if you want to make a new window in your garage or some bigger construction project. Go check and get permits if needed. Better be safe than sorry.

How much would turning your garage into a game room cost?

Firstly, find out what is the best cost in your area for storage and hiring help. The cost of renovating your garage into a dream game room largely depends on how much you want to change. A simple game room change, like putting carpet on the floor. Getting some led lights for decoration. Putting air conditioner inside for temperature regulation.

It will cost less than more difficult and elaborate renovating of your game room. The estimated cost of renovating would be from 5.000 to 20.000. If the project is difficult and would include adding a bathroom in your garage game room, the estimated remodeling cost will be higher.

Have fun with the process

Person counting money for turing their garage into a game room

Be sure you have enough money for everything you want to change while turning your garage into a game roomThis process of turning your garage into a game room should be fun almost as the game room itself. Put your dream game room on the paper. Whatever your heart desires and wants. You can sketch out the room, so you will get an idea of what will the game room look like at the end. The first step is always to get an idea of what you are working with, like how much room you have to work with. The second thing is to brainstorm what the mood of the game room you want it to be. You can look at the internet for some inspiration and new ideas. If you have a small space left and don’t know what to do with it, one of the cool ideas is the put a small bar there so people can drink and smoke there.

Once you finish turning your garage into a game room

Now that you have successfully done everything, and you finished turning your garage into a game room be sure to enjoy it as much as possible. All that is left is to have fun and play games, alone or with friends and family. You can now host small parties and get-togethers till late at night having fun with people, also competition game night will be awesome as well. Some people, on the other hand, will just want to sit and chill in a comfortable room with their friends and family. Whatever happens, everyone will enjoy themselves in your new garage game room.


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