A change of scenery seems like a promising idea when you feel like you have been stuck in one place for too long. This is especially true for young entrepreneurs. There are plenty of Virginia cities for young business owners to enjoy their lives and flourish their businesses in. But it is always quite a difficult task to choose one, we can help you do that. But before you pack up your life and move here make sure to know which things you should never move by yourself.

1. Richmond

Richmond is one of the most talked-about cities in Virginia when it comes to its low unemployment rate and its six percent corporate tax rate. It is no wonder young business owners from all over the country happily choose to move to this ever-growing city. This all may seem daunting to you, packing for a cross-country move is a difficult task. But you can rest assured that Richmond is here to help. The city offers many various free resources to new entrepreneurs that want to start up their business. This explains why there are so many new and fresh businesses blossoming over the city.

If you are more interested in how your quality of life may improve here, you are in luck! One big thing to note is that Richmond has a lot of affordable housing options, especially for this part of Virginia. There are six different neighborhoods that have a view of the beautiful and breathtaking James river. Also, there are two different theaters and even an opera house where you might experience new kinds of entertainment.

Richmond is one of Virginia cities for young business owners

Richmond, Virginia – One of the best Virginia cities for young business owners.

2. Norfolk

Norfolk is one of the oldest English settlements in the entire United States. Over the years Norfolk has become a more lively and diverse city. And because of that – it has become one of the most popular Virginia cities for young business owners. As of May of 2021, their unemployment rate has been 4.7%, which has improved since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Norfolk is a port city that is a hub for big and small businesses alike.

When it comes to the quality of life one young entrepreneur might have here – there are plenty of different entertainment options as well as sights to see. This city is surrounded by water on three of its sides. It also has quite a long history which means there are many wonderful historical places you might want to visit. What can be quite appealing to many people is the fact that there are different options when it comes to swimming, sailing, or maybe even fishing. If this sounds perfect to you – A2B Moving and Storage can get you all the help you need to relocate to this wonderful city of Norfolk.

3. Tysons Corner

Tysons Corner is generally viewed as a city by people around those parts, even though it is technically a census-designated place. This area has a very business-friendly approach. You can easily observe this by walking around the city streets and noticing how many different types of retail stores and businesses there are. One fun fact about Tyson Corner is that it has the most office space out of all the cities in Northern Virginia.

Tysons Corner, or as it is often called Tysons, belongs on this list of top 5 Virginia cities for young business owners. It belongs here because of previous things mentioned, but also because of its quality of life. Tysons has a very diverse population of fairly young people with an average age of 35.7 years old.  You can visit their botanical garden, their different parks, or even Wolf Trap National Park. Or you can take a stroll in the largest shopping mall in the whole of Virginia.

A conference room filled with people.

With the vast amount of office space in Tysons Corner, Virginia is the perfect place for you to open an office, or relocate your offices too.

4. Charlottesville

One of the best advantages to opening a business in Charlottesville is that the city’s Office of Economic Development (OED) offers a business assistance program. This program caters to any new or existing businesses. This program exists to aid businesses so that they may thrive in the Charlottesville area. The city, in itself, values a diverse workforce. It is always looking for more people that might make a positive impact on their community.

But its positive business-friendly attitude is not the only reason people choose to move here. Charlottesville has become a favorite place for any young professional because of its wonderful hills landscape. But also because of its history. It is also home to one of the greatest universities in the United States. Charlottesville ranks very high in nearly every aspect of what makes a wonderful community so wonderful. And you might just be the next wonderful addition to it.

No matter what the reason for your move is, there are many things to consider when you decide to relocate your life and possibly your business to Virginia. Luckily you can easily find assistance nearby when it comes to getting some help during this move. And we are certain this list will help you make the right choice.

5. Fairfax

If you are looking for a small place to live then Fairfax is the perfect place for you. This city has quite a small population of over 23 000 people. It also has a mix of a very incredible suburban feel with some urban touches to it. Businesses are flourishing in the city of Fairfax with 25.3 businesses per 100 people. It is safe to conclude that this city’s economy is on the rise. Another fact that might help you choose Fairfax is that there are many renewed colleges in the area. This can help with getting a better and more professional workforce. So moving your business here might not be an issue, just make sure to prepare your employees for this office relocation.

Richmond is one of Virginia cities for young business owners

If you are a big fan of a suburban feel then the city of Fairfax is waiting for you!

It may be a small city but it has a lot of different coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and museums. You will never be bored in Fairfax! It is one of the best Virginia cities for young business owners for a reason. Most residents of this wonderful city are homeowners. And if you would like to become one then you can give Fairfax a try.

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