It’s important to know what your style is and what you are looking for when moving. Narrowing your interests down will help you with apartment hunting within West Seattle locations. In addition, when seeking luxury apartments, it’ll be easier to find your future home if you know exactly where to look and do the research. West Seattle is known as a good residential area with a laid back atmosphere. With a high quality of life, this area is promising and definitely a place you can find more than a few luxury apartments. 

Seattle Locations

If you are wondering what makes West Seattle one of the best Seattle locations to move to, it is a variety of elements within the area. First and foremost, the residents within the area are very environmentally aware. Eco-friendly and green aspects are a priority here, therefore it’s important to become part of it and enjoy the community overall. In the meantime, you are surrounded by nature and beaches, hence being active outdoors is a given. This is another reason why West Seattle is great for families as well. With so much to do and see outside, the opportunities are endless as you adapt to Seattle

A view of one of the top 5 West Seattle locations for luxury apartments seekers
West Seattle is a very promising residential area within the city.

Luxury Apartments

High-end furnished, modern amenities and great views are usually the aspects that make an apartment a luxury apartment. In order to find what works best for you, it’s important to know which Seattle locations you should look into. Here are the top five West Seattle areas to check out:

  1. The Whittaker Apartments
  2. Aura West Seattle Apartments
  3. Avalon Belltown Towers
  4. Marq West Seattle
  5. The Olivian

Whether it is the surrounding area, the amenities, or the style of these apartment buildings, each has the luxury vibe to it that you might be looking for. What’s also great about checking all these out, is that in the meantime you can plan your move ahead. One of the most stressful aspects of relocating is the moving day. Hence, contact well ahead and discuss possible moving dates along with discussing their fees. 

Finding a Home

It doesn’t matter if you are moving locally within Seattle locations or further away, you always need a plan. A good plan keeps you organized, within the moving timeline, and efficient. Getting organized ahead of time by planning ahead will enable you to transport your stuff safely and on time. Figuring this aspect of moving early on will ease the stress of moving. In addition, packing is another moving stage that should be planned out ahead. Start packing the least important items weeks ahead, and as the move narrows down, continue on packing the rest of your belongings. 

Keys on the hand of a person.
Before looking for your next home, make a list of what you want and need to make your home hunting simpler and more precise.


How do you find something you are looking for? Easy! You have to do thorough research. With the five best Seattle locations we shared above, it’s on you to look into each and every one of those and choose the location that fits your lifestyle the best. Simply keep in mind the importance of planning ahead, being organized, and knowing what you are looking for. 


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